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Daedric Artifact: Goldbrand (00027105)
(lore page)
Type Blade; One Hand
Editor ID DAGoldbrand
Damage Damage 25
Damage Damage 25 Health Health 900
Speed 1.0
Speed 1.0 Reach 1.0
Weight Weight 52 Value Value 6615
Fire Damage 22 pts
Charge/Cost = Uses 3000/39=76

The Daedric artifact Goldbrand is a one-handed katana. Goldbrand is obtained by completing Boethia's Daedric quest. The blade is similar to the version found in Morrowind. See the book Tamrielic Lore for background on this item.

Related Quests[edit]

  • Boethia: Prove your worthiness to Boethia in the Tournament of Ten Bloods.


  • In terms of sheer raw damage, Goldbrand is the second most powerful one-handed weapon in the game, surpassed only by Umbra. However, the fire enchantment on Goldbrand means that, overall, Goldbrand does more damage in total.
  • Unlike its Morrowind counterpart, Goldbrand cannot be upgraded to Eltonbrand in Oblivion.