Oblivion:Blade of Woe

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Leveled Item: Blade of Woe (00091905)
(All statistics are for level 30+ version)
(lore page)
Type Blade; One Hand
Editor ID DarkBladeWoe30
Damage Damage 7
Damage Damage 7 Health Health 400
Speed 1.4
Speed 1.4 Reach 0.6
Weight Weight 4 Value Value 13511
Demoralize up to level 10
Damage Willpower 35pts
Damage Health 35pts
Damage Magicka 35pts
Charge/Cost = Uses 32640/1088=30
The Blade of Woe

The Blade of Woe is first given to you by Lucien Lachance when you are invited to join the Dark Brotherhood, but it does not become enchanted until the conclusion of the Honor Thy Mother Dark Brotherhood quest. In appearance, it is identical to an ebony dagger. The Blade of Woe can also damage ghosts, wraiths, and other similar enemies even before it is enchanted.


  • The statistics of the enchanted Blade of Woe are determined at the start of Honor Thy Mother, not when you first receive it.

Leveled Statistics[edit]

Level Weight Health Value Damage Charge / Cost = Uses Effects
0 (1) 400 0 (20) 7 N/A This is the unenchanted version that you first receive, at any level. It is a quest item, and therefore it is usually weightless and has no value.
If, however, you kill Lucien Lachance immediately (thus preventing yourself from ever joining the Dark Brotherhood), the quest is completed and the Blade of Woe ceases to be a quest item. In this case, the weapon's weight and value will be those shown in parentheses.
4 400 1111 7 2640/88=29 Demoralize up to level 2
Damage Willpower 5pts
Damage Health 5pts
Damage Magicka 5pts
4 400 2710 7 6510/217=30 Demoralize up to level 3
Damage Willpower 10pts
Damage Health 10pts
Damage Magicka 10pts
4 400 4484 7 10800/360=29 Demoralize up to level 5
Damage Willpower 15pts
Damage Health 15pts
Fortify Magicka 15pts
4 400 6604 7 15930/531=30 Demoralize up to level 6
Damage Willpower 20pts
Damage Health 20pts
Damage Magicka 20pts
4 400 8774 7 21180/706=30 Demoralize up to level 7
Damage Willpower 25pts
Damage Health 25pts
Damage Magicka 25pts
4 400 11093 7 26790/893=30 Demoralize up to level 8
Damage Willpower 30pts
Damage Health 30pts
Damage Magicka 30pts
4 400 13511 7 32640/1088=30 Demoralize up to level 10
Damage Willpower 35pts
Damage Health 35pts
Damage Magicka 35pts