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Illustration of a typical Argonian male

Argonians (Saxhleel, or People of the Root in their native language of Jel) are the reptilian natives of Black Marsh, a vast swampland province in southeastern Tamriel. The other races often refer to them as "lizards" or the "Lizard Folk" instead, especially when meaning to be derogatory. They are known as the foremost experts in guerrilla warfare throughout Tamriel, a reputation brought upon them by defending their borders from enemies for countless centuries. Argonians have a lifespan similar to that of humans. According to the First Era Scholar Brendan the Persistent, "The Argonian people have, throughout Tamrielic history, been perhaps the most misunderstood, vilified, and reviled of all the sentient races. Yet, those who have taken the time to experience Argonian culture have gained a greater appreciation for this noble and beautiful people." However, it should be noted that he himself went missing in his final expedition into the deeper swamps of their homeland.

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A list of all the Argonians in Cyrodiil can be found here.






  • Argonian Disease Resistance ability (FormID 00047ACE): Resist Disease 75% on Self, constant
  • Argonian Poison Immunity ability (FormID 00047ACD): Resist Poison 100% on Self, constant
  • Argonian Water Breathing ability (FormID 00047AD6): Water Breathing on Self, constant

In-Game Description[edit]

This reptilian race, well-suited for the treacherous swamps of their homeland, has developed natural immunities to diseases and poisons. They can breathe water and are good at picking locks.


Argonians make very good thieves and assassins, with the right stat boosts. Since they have a +10 boost to Security and Athletics, they can make agile rogue-like characters. They are a great choice if you want to be stealthy, as the male's +10 bonus to agility and speed are useful to stealth oriented characters. Resist disease and immunity to poison are always useful, and being able to breathe underwater can allow for a quick escape from the guards or monsters. A +5 boost to Illusion, Alchemy, and Mysticism gives them considerable magical potential. Females in particular appear to be suited for a Mage-type class. Argonians are also extremely well suited for Witchhunters, with skills and attributes that suit the class almost perfectly and their disease resistance, which make them a safe race for fighting vampires, a typical target of a witchhunter.

Argonian names follow a certain format, like the Orcs. Some do not have actual names, but just descriptive phrases, like Hauls-Ropes-Faster or City-Swimmer. However, they do have names that do not follow this format, such as Gin-Wulm or Weebam-Na for example.

Enemy Argonians are rare, limited to some Marauder Archers, clad in heavy armor and wielding bows & arrows. There is also a tribe of Argonians living in Veyond Cave.

Race-specific Dialogue[edit]

"What is it, pondscum?" (if disposition is between 20 and 30)
"Greetings, Argonian." (if disposition is 30+)
"Greetings, marsh-friend." (if disposition is 30+ and the target NPC is also an Argonian)
Friendly Greetings (if disposition is 70+)
"Blessed we are."
"Greetings, honored friend."
"How fare thee, friend?"
"Yes, honored guest?
"A visitor, yes?"
"Honored one."
Neutral Greetings (if disposition is between 30 and 70)
"Fresh game."
"The prey approaches."
Brusque Greetings (if disposition is below 30)
"This scent is foul.."
"Unwelcome it is."
"A hated one."
"You'll make a fine pair of boots, lizard!"

NPC Reactions[edit]

Reactions affect the base disposition of NPCs towards you depending on your relative races. Argonians have only one modifier.

Argonians +5