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Speed is the governing attribute for Acrobatics, Athletics, and Light Armor. It affects:

  • Speed of travel (including fast travel).
  • The length of your jumps (it does not affect jump height).

In-game Description: Determines how fast you move. Governs the skills of Athletics, Light Armor, and Acrobatics.

Character Creation[edit]

  • The Races page provides a table summarizing the initial speed for each race and gender.
  • An initial +20 speed bonus is possible by selecting Steed as birthsign; a +10 bonus comes with the Thief birthsign.
  • A custom class can select speed as one of the two favored attributes.


  • Don't underestimate the usefulness of speed. A fast character can outrun trolls, clannfears, bears, wolves, and other fast and annoying creatures. More importantly, it allows a character to move out of the way of melee and ranged attacks and get in a quick attack on a recovering opponent.
  • If an enemy's speed is reduced to 0 (through Drain Speed or Damage Speed) not only is it rendered immobile, but it will cease targeting you and won't try to defend itself if attacked, even if it has ranged attacks or spells. In this state it can be repeatedly sneak attacked from behind.
  • Increasing Speed past 100 continues to increase your movement speed.

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