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OB-icon-Command.png Command Creature
School Illusion
Type Offensive
Effect ID COCR
Base Cost 0.6
Barter Factor 0
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Command Creature up to level L for D seconds.

Make the targeted creature fight for you for D seconds. The affected creature will behave much like a summoned creature. They will ignore your presence, engage hostiles, and turn hostile if you hit them 3 times.

For calculating magicka costs of this spell, the level needs to be converted into a magnitude (see Magnitude to Level Conversion). One implication is that the enemy levels affected by any Command Creature spell will be less than the quoted values if your Spell Effectiveness is less than 100%.


  • This effect can be gained for spell making and enchanting via spells or by choosing the Bosmer race.
  • Undead are affected by this attack.
  • If a creature under your command kills another person/creature, it will be added to your kill count.


  • Using Command effect is advantageous in stealth combat: perform one or more stealth hits, then issue a short Command - the target will forget about your presence.
  • A creature tagged by Command in a group of hostiles becomes its comrades' target of attack immediately, and stay so even after Command effect wears off. Therefore, the Command effect need only be 1 sec, if the objective is to sow discord in a group.
  • A weapon enchanted with command creature on strike for a short time leaves the target bewildered as it is repeatedly struck by its renewed friend.

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