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Lord Kelvyn's Bulwark and the Dragonsword of Lainlyn

These are all the new items that appear as part of the Fighter's Stronghold official download.

For information on how to find the correct values for the "xx" characters in these IDs, see formids.

Lord Kelvyn's Bulwark[edit]

  • Editor: DLCBattlehornShieldReward##
  • Type: Heavy Shield
  • With its high defense rating, the Bulwark is one of the best shields in the game.
  • Can only be obtained once the Castle is fully upgraded (including the Dwemer Forge). Located in a chest at the foot of the bed in the Private Quarters.
Object Id Level Weight Health Value Armor Rating Effects
OB-icon-weapon-ShieldOfTrueHorn.png xx011f17 1-4 11.0 275 3095 13.00 Fortify Endurance 3 pts
Fortify Health 15 pts
Fortify Block 5 pts
xx011f19 5-9 13.0 425 4195 14.50 Fortify Endurance 4 pts
Fortify Health 20 pts
Fortify Block 7 pts
xx011f1a 10-14 15.0 575 5360 16.00 Fortify Endurance 5 pts
Fortify Health 25 pts
Fortify Block 9 pts
xx011f1b 15-19 17.0 950 6660 17.50 Fortify Endurance 6 pts
Fortify Health 30 pts
Fortify Block 11 pts
xx011f1c 20-24 20.0 1500 8250 19.00 Fortify Endurance 7 pts
Fortify Health 35 pts
Fortify Block 13 pts
xx011f1d 25-29 23.0 2125 10800 23.50 Fortify Endurance 8 pts
Fortify Health 40 pts
Fortify Block 15 pts
xx011f1e 30+ 27.0 3150 13700 26.50 Fortify Endurance 10 pts
Fortify Health 45 pts
Fortify Block 17 pts


  • As with the leveled weapons and armor added by other plug-ins, Lord Kelvyn's Bulwark will be created according to your level when Battlehorn Castle is installed, or level 1 if a new game is started with the plug-in already present, as it is generated on first load of Oblivion and doesn't re-level when actually encountered. The only workaround to obtain the correctly leveled items without using mods or console commands is to disable or uninstall Battlehorn Castle, make a save without it, re-enable/reinstall Battlehorn and load the save. Doing this will cause any items stored in Battlehorn Castle and any upgrades to be lost. The shield will then be generated according to your current level. The same is not true of the Dragonsword.

Dragonsword of Lainlyn[edit]

  • Editor: DLCBattlehornDragonsword##
  • Type: One-handed blade
  • Speed: 1.0
  • Reach: 1.0

The sword is almost identical in design to the Shadowrend sword from Shivering Isles.

The levels for this item are somewhat unusual, because the leveled list uses your character's level as input at low levels, but at higher levels it uses Lord Kain's level (PC-5) as input. This table converts the list, so that the table in all cases shows the version you will receive as a function of your character's level (at the time when you obtain the sword).

Object Id Level Weight Health Value Damage Charge/Cost=Uses Effects
OB-icon-weapon-DragonSword.png xx012e13 1-4 22.0 200 554 10 1200/62=19 Absorb Fatigue 10 pts for 5 secs
Fire Damage 5 pts on strike
xx0147ec 5-9 26.0 300 1100 12 2400/101=23 Absorb Fatigue 14 pts for 5 secs
Fire Damage 10 pts on strike
xx0147ee 10-19 36.0 400 1748 15 3600/145=24 Absorb Fatigue 18 pts for 5 secs
Fire Damage 15 pts on strike
xx0147ef 20-24 46.0 550 2832 18 4800/181=26 Absorb Fatigue 21 pts for 5 secs
Fire Damage 20 pts on strike
xx0147f0 25+ 50.0 700 4484 21 6000/212=28 Absorb Fatigue 23 pts for 5 secs
Fire Damage 25 pts on strike
xx0147f1 N/A* 54.0 850 6476 23 7200/242=29 Absorb Fatigue 25 pts for 5 secs
Fire Damage 30 pts on strike
* This is the level 25+ sword in the leveled list. However, it is Lord Kain's level (not your level) that would have to be at 25 for the sword to appear. Since Lord Kain's maximum level is 20, this sword will never be obtained in game.
The sword bestows a lesser power called Dragon Breath when wielded. The effects depend on the level of the sword carried. Although classified as lesser powers, the magicka cost in each case is identical to the base magicka cost of the equivalent spell made at the Spell Making altar. Therefore the only advantages of this lesser power are the lack of a Destruction skill requirement and that you can cast it even if Silenced. The effects are as follows:
Editor Id Object Id Effect Cost
DLCBattlehornDragonswordPower1 xx0147dd Fire Damage 10 pts in 10 feet 32
DLCBattlehornDragonswordPower2 xx0147da Fire Damage 20 pts in 10 ft 78
DLCBattlehornDragonswordPower3 xx0147d8 Fire Damage 30 pts in 10 ft 131

Non-Leveled Items[edit]

Both these shields share the same appearance as Lord Kelvyn's Bulwark, above.

Name Editor Type Object Id Weight Health Value Armor Rating Effects
OB-icon-weapon-ShieldOfTrueHorn.png Lord Kain's Shield DLCBattlehornShieldofLight Heavy Shield xx0156c9 14.0 400 285 14.00 Light 10 feet on self
Shield Of True Horn DLCBattlehornShieldOfTrueHorn Heavy Shield xx0097d3 14.0 375 150 13.50 None

Sparring Weapons[edit]

These weapons are the ones used by Shagrol gro-Uzug when he spars against you and can only be obtained by picking them from his pocket. Typically, only two items will be present in his inventory because he will have the other equipped. The third can be obtained by asking him to spar with you using one of the other two weapons, and then picking his pocket again.

Name Editor Type Object Id Weight Health Value Damage
OB-icon-weapon-IronDagger.png Sparring Dagger BattlehornSparringDagger Iron Dagger xx00BB20 3.0 500 0 0
OB-icon-weapon-IronWarAxe.png Sparring War Axe BattlehornSparringWarAxe Iron WarAxe xx00BB1F 12.0 500 0 0
OB-icon-weapon-IronWarhammer.png Sparring Warhammer BattlehornSparringWarhammer Iron Warhammer xx00BB1E 30.0 500 0 0


In addition, the wine cellar upgrade adds the following new potions which can be brewed when Talan is provided with certain items.

Wine Name Object ID Ingredients Required Effects Value Weight
OB-icon-misc-Wine.png Argonian Bloodwine xx00a6a8 Bergamot Seeds ×2
Foxglove Nectar ×2
White Seed Pod
Resist Poison 40% for 50s
Resist Disease 40% for 50s
Water Breathing for 50s
20 1
Colovian Battlecry xx00a6a5 Bog Beacon Asco
Cinnabar Polypore Red
Cinnabar Polypore Yellow
Shield 10% for 50s
Fortify Endurance 5pts for 50s
25 1
Frostdew Blanc xx00a6a2 Aloe Vera Leaves ×2
Green Stain Cup Cap ×2
Restore Health 1pt for 50s
Restore Fatigue 1pt for 50s
20 1
Julianos Firebelly xx00a6ab Sacred Lotus Seed
Lady's Smock Leaves ×2
Resist Frost 15% for 50s
Fortify Health 15pts for 50s
25 1
Numbskin Mead xx00a6a9 Dragon's Tongue
Lady's Smock Leaves ×2
Resist Fire 15% for 50s
Fortify Health 15pts for 50s
25 1
Sparkling Honeydew xx00a6ad Lavender Sprig ×2
Summer Bolete ×2
Fortify Personality 10pts for 50s
Fortify Speechcraft 10pts for 50s
30 1
Stumblefoot's Reserve xx00a6af Arrowroot
Flax Seeds ×2
Feather 25pts for 50s
Fortify Strength 10 pts for 50s
30 1


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