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Dragonborn adds a vast number of additional items, rewards, and new oddities to be discovered or wielded. More detailed information can be found about these items, how they work, or how to obtain them using this page as a guide.



Potions and Poisons[edit]

Thieves Guild Potions[edit]

These where previously unused[verification needed — assumption based of id's], but with the installation of Dragonborn become available from the thief cache in Glover Mallory's basement.

Unobtainable Potions and Poisons[edit]

Armor and Enchanted Clothing[edit]

Craftable Armor[edit]

Generic Magic Armor[edit]

Specialty Gear[edit]

Dragon Priest Masks[edit]

Unique Armor and Enchanted Clothing[edit]

Unobtainable Armor and Enchanted Clothing[edit]

Books and Journals[edit]

Standard Books[edit]

Quest Triggering Books[edit]

Black Books[edit]

When read on Solstheim, Black Books with teleport the player to a part of Apocrypha add start the associated quest.

Other Quest Related Books[edit]

Spell Tomes[edit]

Dragonborn adds 11 new player castable spells, with exception of Freeze and Ignite, they can be leaned from the following tomes:

Journals and Maps[edit]

Clothing and Jewelry[edit]


  • Dunmer Shoes — Worn by most of the inhabitants of Raven Rock.
  • Fine Boots — Looks the same[verification needed — not tested in game yet] as base game Fine Boots. Worn by \ found in ?[verification needed — to do - add info to Clothing to.].
  • Fine Clothes — Looks the same[verification needed — not tested in game yet] as base game Fine Clothes. Worn by \ found in ?[verification needed — to do - add info to Clothing to.].

Unique Jewelry[edit]

Quest Related Jewelry[edit]

Unobtainable Clothing and Jewelry[edit]

Food and Beverages[edit]

Raw Food[edit]

Player-Cooked Food[edit]


Quest Related Beverages[edit]


Craftable Weapon Types[edit]

Generic Magic Weapons[edit]

Spider Scrolls[edit]


  • Five types of unenchanted staves — One for each school of magic, purchased from Neloth.
  • Craftable Staves — For 43 different spell effects. Some may not have been be available in the base game.[verification needed — if any, list?]

Unique Weapons[edit]

Other Weapons[edit]

Unobtainable Weapons[edit]

Miscellaneous Items[edit]

Resource Items[edit]

Miscellaneous Quest Related Items[edit]

Other Miscellaneous Items[edit]

Unobtainable Miscellaneous Items[edit]

Other Items[edit]

  • Category with all Notes added in Dragonborn can be found here.
  • Category with all Keys added in Dragonborn can be found here.
  • Various locations to find Scrolls that may have been unobtainable or only found as random loot[verification needed — if any, list?].

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