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SR-icon-spell-Heal.png Restore Stamina
School Restoration
Type Restorative
ID 0003eb16
Base Cost 0.6
Base Mag 5
Base Dur 0
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Built-In Potions

Alchemy description: Restore <mag> Stamina.
Restore Stamina is an effect that refills the target's stamina. It can be used to replenish stamina lost by sprinting or power attacks, or to repair damage caused by a Damage Stamina effect. Restore Stamina will not increase stamina past its base value.

All characters naturally regenerate stamina over time. Stamina is also restored when you sleep or wait.


The following alchemy ingredients can be used to create a potion of Restore Stamina:

Restore Stamina is the first effect for all these ingredients except chokeweed and netch jelly, so a minor effect can be gained by just eating them.


The following spells use the Restore Stamina group of effects, provided the Respite perk is unlocked in the Restoration skill tree. Following each spell is the specific variant of the effect that it uses:

  • Close Wounds: Restore Stamina (0004250e; PerkRestoreStaminaFFSelf)
  • Fast Healing: Restore Stamina (0004250e; PerkRestoreStaminaFFSelf)
  • Grand Healing:
    • Restore Stamina (001031d5; GrandHealingRestoreStamina)
    • Restore Stamina Area (000b62f2; PerkRestoreStaminaFFSelfArea)
  • Heal Other: Restore Stamina (0004e93f; PerkRestoreStaminaFFActor)
  • Healing: Restore Stamina (0004250d; PerkRestoreStaminaConcSelf)
  • Healing Hands: Restore Stamina (0004e93e; PerkRestoreStaminaConcActor)


  • Some food, particularly vegetable soup and venison stew, will grant a small stamina regeneration effect which will allow you to perform endless power attacks until the Restore Stamina effect wears off.
  • Several alcoholic beverages like meads, wines, and brandies typically restore a small amount of stamina, but at the cost of reduced stamina regeneration for a period of time.

Related Effects[edit]


  • Sprinting with a continuous Restore Stamina effect (which is given by some food items) until stamina gets depleted causes the player to produce the "tired sigh" sound repeatedly (instead of once) until a shout is performed. ?