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Skyrim:Fortified Combat Healing

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SR-icon-spell-Heal.png Fortified Combat Healing
School Restoration
Type Restorative
ID FExxx802
Base Cost 5
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Enchanting description: Slow health regen during combat.

Fortified Combat Healing (not to be confused with fortify healing) increases the rate at which the target regenerates health while in combat.


The only item that uses this enchantment is Chrysamere, added by the eponymous Chrysamere CreationCC.

As it cannot be disenchanted, this effect is unavailable for enchanting.


See the Health attribute page for a basic overview of health regeneration both in combat and out of combat works.

  • The default combat multiplier for health regeneration is 0.7, which reduces passive health gains to 70% of out-of-combat values.
  • Chrysamere increases this value by 1.0, bringing the total to 1.7. This means that while in combat, health regenerates at 170% of its out-of-combat rate, actually increasing your health regeneration significantly while fighting.


A character with 500 health and no other effects would by default regenerate:

  • 500 * 0.7% = 3.5 health while not in combat.
  • 500 * 0.7% * 0.7 = 2.45 health while in combat.

By wielding Chrysamere this would change to:

  • 500 * 0.7% * 1.7 = 5.95 health while in combat.