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Find a blacksmith missing from Skaal Village.
Quest Giver: Deor Woodcutter
Location(s): Abandoned Lodge,
Northshore Landing
Prerequisite Quest: The Fate of the Skaal
Next Quest: Sell Stalhrim Armor and Weapons to Ancarion, Lost Legacy
Reward: Ability to craft stalhrim armor and weapons, map marker for the Stalhrim Source
Suggested Level: 10

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak to Deor Woodcutter in Skaal Village.
  2. Find Baldor Iron-Shaper at the abandoned lodge.
  3. Retrieve the map from Ancarion at Northshore Landing.
  4. Return to Baldor in Skaal Village.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Finding Baldor[edit]

If you return to Skaal Village after the quest The Fate of the Skaal, you will overhear a conversation between Fanari and Deor:

NOTE: Do not talk to anyone until they finish their conversation—see bugs.
"Something isn't right, Fanari."

Fanari: "Deor, you must be calm. I'm sure there's a good reason Baldor left us."
Deor: "Something isn't right, Fanari. I feel it in my bones and I smell it in the air. Baldor wouldn't leave without telling someone."
Fanari: "Don't worry yourself over nothing, Deor. Do you want a head full of gray hairs before you've seen forty winters?"
Deor: "It makes my heart heavy that you don't believe me, Fanari. Baldor could be in danger, and you will do nothing. If you won't help me, then I'll ask the All-Maker to send someone else who can."

If you ask Fanari about the missing person, she will just brush it off as another of Deor's crazy ideas, but Deor is quite serious. He will tell you that local blacksmith Baldor Iron-Shaper went missing in the middle of the night. Deor suspects a kidnapping motivated by Baldor's valuable expertise in stalhrim smithing. On the night of his disappearance Deor also saw two elves dragging something away to the "south and west", so start your search in that direction.

Abandoned Lodge[edit]

The abducted blacksmith

While Deor's directions could lead you more-or-less anywhere on Solstheim, your compass objective marker will point you directly to an Abandoned Lodge southwest of the Temple of Miraak. The lodge is normally empty, but once you arrive, you'll be attacked by four hostile members of the Thalmor. Dispose of them and loot their bodies for the key to the lodge. Inside, look around until you are met with the surprising sight of Mikael's book, A Gentleman's Guide to Whiterun. Head into the basement where you will find the scared, tied-up smith in a corner, weeping: "Help! Somebody! Please, someone, help me!" and "I have been taken against my will! I am in need of rescue!"

When you talk to Baldor, he will remember you as the hero who rescued the people of Skaal Village. Despite his wounds, he'll claim he's not hurt. When you ask why the Thalmor abducted him, he'll reply: "I do not know this word Thalmor, but if you mean the elves, they were trying to learn the secrets of forging Stalhrim. Their leader, an elf named Ancarion, has a map. He says that it shows the location of a hidden source of Stalhrim." He will then explain what stalhrim is: "Enchanted ice as hard as iron and cold as death. Stalhrim can be forged into deadly weapons, but the art is known only to smiths of the Skaal." He will then point you towards a Thalmor ship at the northwestern coast where Ancarion resides. He asks you to retrieve the map as it belongs to the Skaal people. Leave the wounded smith behind and head towards the northwestern shores of Solstheim.

Ancarion and the Map[edit]

Northshore Landing is an abandoned dock with a ruined shack located at the northwestern tip of Solstheim. Usually inhabited only by a few mudcrabs, you'll discover that the Thalmor choose it to hide their ship, and from there conduct their furtive search for stalhrim.

As soon as you near the ship, a Thalmor Guard will approach you and suggest you move along. You can choose to fight the entire crew or you can ask to talk to the leader. The latter will make him point you towards Ancarion, who will be wandering around on-deck.

Ancarion will be angry from the start but willing to talk. When you mention the stalhrim map, he will admit to torturing Baldor, and then turn his attention to you: "So you know my purpose here, then? I suppose you must have found that dullard of a blacksmith. Unfortunately for you, my mission here is also a secret. To protect it, I have no choice but to silence you. Now, give me one good reason that I should not kill you where you stand." Three options are available. Note that successfully completing the third option and starting the hidden quest requires a Speech skill of at least 75.

Option Dialogue Reaction
The blacksmith won't talk. You're wasting your time. (Persuade) Passed: I admit, we are not making the progress I'd hoped. Perhaps you are right, this venture might be more trouble than it's worth. Very well, you have convinced me. We will depart the island shortly and seek our weapons elsewhere.
Failed: You dare to question me? That insult will be your last!
Passed: Gives map to player.
Failed: Attacks player.
Leave this island now, or your life is forfeit. (Intimidate) Passed: I can see that is no idle threat. Very well, we will depart the island once we have loaded the ship. No weapon is worth dying for, not even a weapon forged from Stalhrim. Here, give this map to the blacksmith. I have no further need of it.
Failed: You dare threaten me? For that insolence, I will flay the flesh from your bones!
Passed: Gives map to player.
Failed: Attacks player.
You want Stalhrim weapons, and I think I can help you get them.
Ancarion: Here to make me an offer, then? Very well, what do you have in mind?
Player: The smith said he'd teach me how to make Stalhrim weapons.
Ancarion: And you will sell them to me. I suppose I'll have to give you the map first?
Player: Yes, otherwise he'll teach me nothing. You can trust me. (Persuade)
Passed: I might not trust you, but I will trust your greed. Very well, take the map. Return here with Stalhrim weapons and armor, and I will pay you a fair price for them. Tell the blacksmith whatever lie you will. We have no further need of him.
Failed: You expect me to just hand you the map, so you can deliver it to the blacksmith and laugh at the foolish Thalmor you so easily outwitted? You have made a grave miscalculation, and now you will pay the price!
Passed: New Quest
Failed: Attacks Player

Whatever result you gain from negotiation with Ancarion you will always end up with the Stalhrim Source map in hand. Return to Skaal Village and seek out the blacksmith who will have returned from his captivity by now. When you hand him the map he will provide a very special reward, namely the ability to create stalhrim weapons and armor: "I know you faced great danger to bring this map to me. There are no words to tell how glad my heart is. Thank you, brave one. I name you friend of the Skaal, and I will trust you with the knowledge of forging stalhrim. If you bring stalhrim here to my forge, you can use my tools to make what you will from it." This completes the quest, but will also attract the attention of residing historian Tharstan who will seek you out with a new assignment.


  • The stalhrim source that the Thalmor are seeking is in the mountains to the south of Northshore Landing, and will be added to your game map if you read the Stalhrim Source Map. There are another two stalhrim deposits just east of the ship, on a small unmarked island surrounded by horkers.
  • If you have completed The Gardener of Men, all the villagers including Baldor will be "busy" until you complete At the Summit of Apocrypha. Make sure to talk to Baldor before you talk to Storn if you wish to complete this first.


  • If you talk to the two Skaal villagers discussing the disappearance of the village blacksmith before they have finished talking, you will be unable to interact with the male villager, Deor Woodcutter, thus making the quest unattainable.
    • On PC If the quest fails to start, use Setstage DLC2SV02 10 to kick it off.
  • There is a chance that the Thalmor Soldiers at the Abandoned Lodge will not be named, rendering them unlootable, thus making it impossible to obtain the key.
    • PC Only The Unofficial Dragonborn Patch, version 1.0.3, fixes this bug.
    • This can be fixed by typing player.additem xx027e00 1 into the console where "xx" is the load order number of the Dragonborn add-on.
  • There is a chance that after you speak with Deor your compass marker will point you to the furthest southwest point on the map, rather than the abandoned lodge.
    • This can be fixed by waiting 48 hours outside of the abandoned lodge. The compass marker will move to the correct location and Baldor will spawn inside the lodge.
  • Since Deor and Fanari are only marked as Protected, they can be killed by the player (for example, accidentally during the battle with the Lurker after the Wind Stone is freed). This will prevent the quest from starting.
    • PC Only The Unofficial Dragonborn Patch, version 1.0.4, addresses this issue. It resurrects them if necessary, and marks them as Essential until the quest has started.
    • You can force the quest to start by using Setstage DLC2SV02 10.[verification needed]

Quest Stages[edit]

A New Source of Stalhrim (DLC2SV02)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 Baldor Iron-Shaper, the smith in Skaal Village, has gone missing. One of the other villagers, Deor, said he saw two elves dragging something through the woods on the day of Baldor's disappearance. They were heading southwest.
Objective 10: Search for Baldor Iron-Shaper
20 Baldor Iron-Shaper, the smith in Skaal Village, was abducted by the Thalmor. They were trying to get him to reveal the secret of forging Stalhrim. Baldor told me that the Thalmor leader, Ancarion, had a map that showed the location of a new source of Stalhrim, and he asked me to retrieve it.
Objective 30: Retrieve the Stalhrim Source Map
30 Baldor Iron-Shaper, the smith in Skaal Village, was abducted by the Thalmor. They were trying to get him to reveal the secret of forging Stalhrim. Baldor told me that the Thalmor leader, Ancarion, had a map that showed the location of a new source of Stalhrim, and I retrieved it. Now I need to bring it back to Baldor.
Objective 40: Talk to Baldor Iron-Shaper
200 Finishes quest☑ Baldor Iron-Shaper, the smith in Skaal Village, was abducted by the Thalmor. They were trying to get him to reveal the secret of forging Stalhrim. Baldor told me that the Thalmor leader, Ancarion, had a map that showed the location of a new source of Stalhrim. I returned the map to Baldor and in gratitude, he offered to let me use his forge, where I can craft new items made from Stalhrim.
Objective 20: Talk to Baldor Iron-Shaper
A New Source of Stalhrim (DLC2SV02Misc)
Objective 10: Ask Deor about Baldor's disappearance
  • The following empty quest stages were omitted from the table:
    • DLC2SV02: 0, 40, 50, 100, 110.
    • DLC2SV02Misc: 0, 200.
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