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A stalhrim deposit
A depleted stalhrim deposit

Stalhrim is an ancient Nordic enchanted ice that can be used as a crafting material. Once you have obtained the Ebony Smithing perk and completed the quest A New Source of Stalhrim, you can craft stalhrim armor and weapons. All items, except arrows, can be tempered with a sample of stalhrim. Stalhrim heavy armor is equal in quality to dragonplate armor, but lighter. Stalhrim light armor exceeds the quality of glass armor, but is weaker than dragonscale armor (with the exception of the shield). Stalhrim weapons do the same amount of damage as ebony weapons, and weigh less. Resist frost and frost damage enchantments are 25% stronger when placed on stalhrim items. Chaos damage enchantments are also 25% stronger, due to its frost damage effect. Lastly, Stalhrim weapons have higher stagger values (by 0.1) than weapons made of other materials, except daggers, bows, and arrows. In relative terms, this means Stalhrim swords and greatswords receive the greatest benefit within their respective weapon categories, as they start out with the least stagger.


Name ID Weight Value
SR-icon-misc-Stalhrim.png Stalhrim xx02b06b 1 200
  • 3 samples of stalhrim are obtained by mining stalhrim deposits, which take twice as long to mine as other ore veins (six "swings" per sample instead of three). Like ore veins, there is a 10% chance these will be accompanied by a random, level-dependent gem. Once exhausted, most deposits will uncover a dead draugr, from which you can loot gold and other valuables.
  • Stalhrim can only be mined with an ancient Nordic pickaxe.
  • Stalhrim armor is heavy armor, made from stalhrim samples, quicksilver ingots, and leather strips.
  • Stalhrim light armor is made from stalhrim samples, steel ingots, and leather strips.
  • Stalhrim weapons are made from stalhrim samples and leather strips.

All stalhrim armor and weapons can be found in leveled lists starting at level 35. Stalhrim will respawn with the rest of their location after a certain period of time.

Mineral Sources[edit]

There are no random locations for Stalhrim. However:

There are a total of 19 deposits located on Solstheim:

Location Deposits Details
Stalhrim Source 10 Found in a hollow at the site.
Gyldenhul Barrow 2 The deposits are located in the entrance chamber and one must be mined to proceed further into the barrow.
Kolbjorn Barrow 2 First one right before the entrance of the chambers to Ahzidal's fight, second one in the chamber with the rising staircase, after Ahzidal's and Black Book's chambers.
Northeast of Northshore Landing off the coast, on an unnamed island (map) 2 Two sarcophagi containing one deposit each, half submerged in ice.
Benkongerike 1 Mined from a sarcophagus in the bottom west corner of the room before the word wall room. Magelight or Candlelight greatly aid in finding it as the sarcophagus is in a very dark area.
Bloodskal Barrow 1 Found in a hidden room behind the waterfall in Raven Rock Mine.
Raven Rock Mine 1 Found in a room at the bottom of the mine shaft.

Stalhrim Light Armor[edit]

A female Imperial wearing Stalhrim Light Armor
A male Nord wearing Stalhrim Light Armor
Name (ID) Weight Value Rating Raw Materials Delta Ratio
SR-icon-misc-Stalhrim.png Stalhrim SR-icon-ingot-Steel Ingot.png Steel SR-icon-misc-LeatherStrips.png Strips Weight Value Weight Value
SR-icon-armor-Stalhrim Light Armor.png Stalhrim Light Armor
7 925 39 5 1 3 0.7 -104 1.11 0.90
SR-icon-armor-Stalhrim Light Boots.png Stalhrim Light Boots
2 215 11.5 3 1 2 -2.2 -411 0.48 0.34
SR-icon-armor-Stalhrim Light Bracers.png Stalhrim Light Bracers
2 215 11.5 2 1 2 -1.2 -211 0.63 0.50
SR-icon-armor-Stalhrim Light Helmet.png Stalhrim Light Helmet
2 465 16.5 3 1 2 -2.2 -161 0.48 0.74
SR-icon-armor-Stalhrim Shield.png Stalhrim Shield
10 600 29.5 4 1 1 4.9 -223 1.96 0.73
Totals (with shield): 23 2420 108 17 5 10
Totals (without shield): 13 1820 78.5 13 4 9

Stalhrim Heavy Armor[edit]

A male Nord wearing Stalhrim Heavy Armor
A female Imperial wearing Stalhrim Heavy Armor
Name (ID) Weight Value Rating Raw Materials Delta Ratio
SR-icon-misc-Stalhrim.png Stalhrim SR-icon-ingot-Quicksilver Ingot.png Quicksilver SR-icon-misc-LeatherStrips.png Strips Weight Value Weight Value
SR-icon-armor-Stalhrim Heavy Armor.png Stalhrim Heavy Armor
38 2200 46 6 1 3 30.7 931 5.21 1.73
SR-icon-armor-Stalhrim Heavy Boots.png Stalhrim Heavy Boots
7 450 17 4 1 2 1.8 -416 1.35 0.52
SR-icon-armor-Stalhrim Heavy Gauntlets.png Stalhrim Heavy Gauntlets
7 450 17 3 1 2 0.8 -216 1.15 0.68
SR-icon-armor-Stalhrim Heavy Helmet.png Stalhrim Helmet
7 1135 22 4 1 2 1.8 269 1.35 1.31
Totals: 59 4235 102 17 4 9

Stalhrim Weapons[edit]

Name (ID) Weight Value Damage Crit.
Critical Damage
Speed Reach Stagger Raw Materials Delta Ratio
SR-icon-misc-Stalhrim.png Stalhrim SR-icon-misc-LeatherStrips.png Strips Weight Value Weight Value
SR-icon-weapon-Stalhrim Dagger.png Stalhrim Dagger
4.5 395 10 5 1.3 0.7 0 1 1 3.4 192 4.10 1.95
SR-icon-weapon-Stalhrim Sword.png Stalhrim Sword
14 985 13 7 1 1 0.85 2 1 11.9 582 6.67 2.44
SR-icon-weapon-Stalhrim War Axe.png Stalhrim War Axe
16 1180 15 8 0.9 1 0.9 2 2 13.8 774 7.27 2.91
SR-icon-weapon-Stalhrim Mace.png Stalhrim Mace
18 1375 16 8 0.8 1 1.1 3 1 14.9 772 5.81 2.28
SR-icon-weapon-Stalhrim Greatsword.png Stalhrim Greatsword
21 1970 23 11 0.71 1.3 1.2 5 3 15.7 961 3.96 1.95
SR-icon-weapon-Stalhrim Battleaxe.png Stalhrim Battleaxe
25 2150 24 12 0.7 1.3 1.25 5 2 19.8 1144 4.81 2.14
SR-icon-weapon-Stalhrim Warhammer.png Stalhrim Warhammer
29 2850 26 13 0.6 1.3 1.35 5 3 23.7 1841 5.47 2.82
SR-icon-weapon-Stalhrim Bow.png Stalhrim Bow
15 1800 17 9 0.56252 13 0 3 - 15 1200 5.00 3.00
SR-icon-weapon-Stalhrim Arrow.png Stalhrim Arrow
0 7 20 N/A 36004 N/A 1 Stalhrim + 1 Firewood = 24 Stalhrim ArrowsDG -6 -37 0.00 0.82
1This issue has been addressed by the Unofficial Skyrim Patch; it changes the speed to 0.75.
2The speed of a bow does not work like the speed of a melee weapon; see the Archery article for details.
3While bows have a reach value, it is not used for anything - see the Archery article for details on determining the range of an arrow shot from a bow, and bash distance is independent of the weapon wielded.
4While arrows have a speed value, this determines how quickly they travel, not the time between shots.


One achievement is unlocked when you craft an item from stalhrim:

  • SR-achievement-Stalhrim Crafter.png Stalhrim Crafter (20 points/Silver)


  • Stalhrim heavy equipment offers the most armor points per unit weight (102 armor, 59 weight, 1.73 armor per weight) of any forgeable heavy armor, and with only a 5% loss in overall defense compared to the best heavy armor, Daedric (108 armor, 81 weight, 1.33 armor per weight). Wolf Armor offers the most armor points per unit weight (72 armor, 32 weight, 2.25 apw), but with a significant loss of armor points compared to Stalhrim (29% less armor than Stalhrim, 33% less armor than Daedric); it is, however, the lightest heavy armor suit. Once you reach the armor cap better armor no longer helps you, so weight becomes the only meaningful factor; contrarily, the Conditioning perk and the Steed Stone make weight meaningless, so only armor matters. If you have both, your choice of heavy armor becomes purely aesthetic.
  • If Deor Woodcutter or Fanari Strong-Voice are killed prior to completing A New Source of Stalhrim, you will never be able to learn to forge stalhrim yourself.
  • Stalhrim items are frequently for sale from Solstheim vendors and always benefit from the Ebony Smithing perk when tempered, regardless of quest status.
  • Stalhrim has no heavy shield; only the light variety exists. However, the weight class of a shield does not affect the game in any way.
  • 10 pieces of stalhrim are needed for the Halbarn Favor Quest.
  • "Stál hrím" is Icelandic for "steel frost".
  • Unlike in Bloodmoon, stalhrim in Skyrim cannot be used as an alchemy ingredient.
  • Stalhrim weapons have higher stagger values (by 0.1) than weapons made of other materials, except daggers, bows, and arrows.
  • When multiple effects are enchanted onto a Stalhrim weapon(via the Extra Effect perk), if one of the effects is Frost or Chaos Damage, any other Destruction effect will also be increased in effectiveness, even if it is not itself Frost-related. For example, a 32 point Drain Magicka effect will be boosted to 40 points when paired with any sort of frost damage effect, even a single point. This effect does not occur with armor.
  • By default, stalhrim's 25% bonus on frost-related enchanting has no effect until you visit Raven Rock. If you acquire a stalhrim item before then, frost-related effects will not have the bonus, even after visiting Raven Rock.