Skyrim:Black Book: The Sallow Regent (quest)

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Learn the Black Book's hidden knowledge.
Quest Giver: The Black Book The Sallow Regent
Location(s): White Ridge Barrow, Apocrypha‎
Reward: Seeker of Might, Seeker of Shadows, or Seeker of Sorcery ability
ID: DLC2BlackBook05Quest
Suggested Level: 30
The Sallow Regent

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Read the Black Book The Sallow Regent in White Ridge Barrow.
  2. Travel through Apocrypha‎.
  3. Learn the Black Book's hidden knowledge.
  4. Choose your reward.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

The darkness inside



One achievement is related to this quest:

  • SR-achievement-Hidden Knowledge.png Hidden Knowledge (40 points/Bronze)


  • The section of Apocrypha‎ that you land in here is perhaps one of the more difficult areas. Besides the typical dangers encountered in this realm, the environment is badly lit (pitch black in areas), and the dark areas will quickly eat away at your health. Using spells such as Candlelight or Magelight, or carrying a torch is an effective way to avoid health damage. Alternatively, you may attempt to remain in the illuminated area under the floating eye lamps, or simply sprint through the stage using potions as needed. If you enter this area already in need of healing, it would be prudent to heal yourself immediately before moving on. Damage is dealt even if you have 100% immunity to poison, 100% resistant to magic, or use the Become Ethereal shout.
  • This section has a Seeker, a High Seeker, a Lurker, and a Lurker Vindicator. It is one of the easiest sections of Apocrypha‎ if you know the Candlelight spell and attack from a long range and/or use sneak attacks.
  • You can change the reward at any time by traveling to Solstheim and re-reading the book. This will transport you to Apocrypha near the reward location and you can select a different one.
  • The quest rewards apply to all skills under their respective categories. Therefore Seeker of Might makes Smithing 10% more effective, and Seeker of Shadows makes created potions 10% more powerful.


  • Upon returning to Solstheim, the sound effect of the health drain may continue to play indefinitely, or your health might continue to deplete as if you're still in the shadows of Apocrypha.
    • Exiting to the main menu might solve this issue. If not, clearing the game cache should.
    • After you exit Apocrypha, load a different save then reload the auto-save that was just made and this will stop.
    • Transforming into a werewolf or a vampire lord and back will cause the sound to stop.
    • This can be corrected by saving current progress in a new file, quitting to the Main Menu, then returning to the game without loss of progress.
    • Reading the book again and returning to Apocrypha, and then rereading it to return to Solstheim solved the problem as well.
    • Another way to fix this is leaving Apocrypha by committing suicide rather than using the books to escape as dying in Apocrypha teleports you back to Nirn.
  • Upon returning to Solstheim, a second copy of The Sallow Regent may appear in your inventory and both copies become unreadable. ?

Quest Stages[edit]

Black Book: The Sallow Regent (DLC2BlackBook05Quest)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
10 I read the Black Book called "The Sallow Regent", and found myself in Hermaeus Mora's realm of Apocrypha. I should uncover the knowledge hidden here, or read the book again to escape.
Objective 10: Learn the Black Book's hidden knowledge
20 ☑Finishes quest I uncovered the hidden knowledge contained in the Black Book "The Sallow Regent".