Skyrim:Detect Undead

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SR-icon-spell-Detect Life.png Detect Undead
School Alteration
Type Other
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Nearby dead and undead can be seen through walls.

Detect Undead (a.k.a. Detect Dead) allows the caster to see undead creatures and dead bodies as glowing shapes even through solid objects. Blue auras are undead; white auras are lootable corpses. Skeletons' corpses can appear as a faint white blob since their bones scatter when they are killed. It complements Detect Life, which allows living creatures to be seen.

This effect is not available from enchantments or potions. The only source of this effect is the Detect Dead spell. The spell actually casts four separate effects simultaneously:

  • Detect Undead Friend Interior (000e826a; DetectUndeadFriendInteriorConcSelf)
  • Detect Undead Friend Exterior (000e8269; DetectUndeadFriendExteriorConcSelf)
  • Detect Undead Enemy Exterior (000b79e8; DetectUndeadEnemyExteriorConcSelf)
  • Detect Undead Enemy Interior (0001ea75; DetectUndeadEnemyInteriorConcSelf)


  • Although the name of the effect is "Detect Undead", the name of the spell is "Detect Dead". The latter is more accurate, as the spell also detects slain living creatures.
  • Creatures that show up in blue are usually draugr feigning death in alcoves and sarcophagi, although they may also be NPCs who were killed in their sleep.