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SR-icon-spell-Fire.png Ignite
Added by Dragonborn
School Destruction Difficulty Apprentice
Type Offensive Casting Fire and Forget
Delivery Aimed Equip Either Hand
Spell ID xx02732b Editor ID DLC2Ignite
Base Cost 30 Charge Time 0.5
Duration 15 sec Range 469 feet
Speed 117 ft/s Max Life ~4 sec.
Magnitude 4 Area 0
A blast of flame that sets the target on fire, doing 4 damage per second for 15 seconds.

Ignite is an apprentice level destruction spell that deals fire damage and sets targets on fire, dealing 4 damage per second over 15 seconds, for a total of 60 damage, followed by burning for 30% of spell damage initially, decreasing linearly for 1 second.




  • Ignite is essentially just a much more powerful version of Firebolt. It actually does as much damage as the expert-level Incinerate spell (at a much lower cost), though spread out over 15 seconds. It's even cheaper to cast than Firebolt. The only downside is you need to be wearing Ahzidal's Ring of Arcana to use it.
  • Like most Fire spells, it can be used to set off Fire Runes or oil slicks from a safe distance.
  • Ignite stacks with itself should you cast it multiple times.
  • The 10/15-point increase from Aspect of Terror and both ranks of Augmented Flames applies to the per second damage, not the overall damage, resulting in a total of 150/225 points of bonus damage.


  • Having this spell equipped and drawn will not set off flammable gas, due to never having been added to the relevant form list for explosive gas traps, TrapGasMagicDrawn.