Skyrim:Frenzy Rune

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SR-icon-spell-Illusion Dark.png Frenzy Rune
Added by Dragonborn
School Illusion Difficulty Adept
Type Offensive Casting Fire and Forget
Delivery Target Location Equip Either Hand
Spell ID xx0177b7 Editor ID DLC2FrenzyRune
Base Cost 278 Charge Time 0.5
Duration 30 secs Range 20 feet
Magnitude 50 Area 0
Tome ID xx0177bd Tome Value 310
Purchase from (after From the Ashes)
A Frenzy Rune trap
Targets up to level 20 that fail to resist are frenzied for 30 seconds.

Frenzy Rune is an adept level illusion spell that creates a rune which will explode when enemies come near, causing them to attack whoever is nearest for 30 seconds. You can't cast it just anywhere. When you press the cast button, the cross-hair will let you know if you are pointing at a valid surface within range. If it is red, then you can't cast the spell there.



  • Rune Master increases range to 100 feet.
  • Master of the Mind allows the spell to work on undead, daedra, and automatons. [verification needed]
  • Rage allows the spell to work on higher level opponents
  • Animage works on higher level animals.[verification needed]
  • Kindred Mage works on higher level people.[verification needed]


  • You can set off frenzy runes (your own or others) using any Illusion projectile spell from a distance.
  • Some enemies are immune to this spell, notably all dragons, undead, daedra, summoned or reanimated enemies of any kind, and anything else that is immune to regular Frenzy effects. Note that though they may not be frenzied, they will still set off the rune if they touch it.
  • Like most Frenzy spells, it is not particularly useful against single enemies, as the closest target is still you. It's best to cast this in a group of enemies to make them fight each other.