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The Wardens are worshippers of Y'ffre and defenders of the Green. They are master storytellers whose nature tales become magical reality. Wardens weave spells to cause plants and fungi to grow rapidly. They can also call animals to come to their aid, and wield frost spells to combat their foes.

The Wardens are believed by some to be a group of militant Spinners, though this is thought to be an inaccuracy resulting from a lack of proper academic rigor. Spinners are Bosmer who take on roles in society as advisors, scholars or priests. Spinners are not violent, and prefer to have others fight for them. In stark contrast, the Wardens are more than willing to shed the blood of those who seek to harm the wilds. There have been reports of Wardens attacking gangs and even full outposts in retaliation for harm done to Y'ffre's domain. The Spinners and the Wardens also possess different powers. Spinners draw stories from the Bosmers' past, present and future to entrance an audience, whereas Wardens draw upon the environment to change and shape reality. The Spinners utilize Illusion magic, whereas the Wardens make use of something more akin to Conjuration or Alteration. The Spinners are a unique priestly order central to Bosmer society; the Wardens as a whole do not bow to any specific organized group or guild.

Unlike the Spinners, being a Bosmer isn't a requirement for the Wardens, as members of all races have been found protecting Tamriel's wilds. They do not follow the Green Pact either (excluding those who are both Warden and Wood Elf), as they're willing to make full use of nature's bounty to survive. That is to say, the Wardens will chop wood and eat plants when necessary. The Wardens protect Y'ffre's domain. This does not make them unwilling to graciously use the plants and animals Y'ffre's realm provides for them. Wardens can be found all over Tamriel.


Welkynars, also known as Welkynar Gryphon Knights and Welkynars of Eton Nir, were a prestigious order of elite Altmer knights who dedicated their lives to protecting the Summerset Isles. Based in the city of Cloudrest atop Eton Nir, the Welkynars remained vigilant to answer any urgent calls for aid. This need for quick mobility is what led to the first Welkynars to tame the native gryphons and use them as their mounts. Given the city's central location on the island, and the help of these flying creatures, the Welkynars were able to quickly render aid across the entire realm. While any member of Summerset's governance or military could petition the Wekynars for aid, accepting the petition was at the order's discretion. Between assignments, Welkynars patrolled Summerset for signs of danger, often stopping in cities and collecting information on any potential threats.

The Wharf Rats[edit]

The Wharf Rats are a loosely organized group of outlaws and thieves that have been active for an unspecified and long amount of time. They are often conflicting with the Thieves Guild for territory across the Third Empire. While their members are not the best highwaymen in the ever-present business, but where they sorely lack in skills, they make up in numbers and the faction is abundant in membership. They often prey on the weak, the elderly, the rich, or anyone vulnerable to them, and rob them of anything valuable. They are also said to keep thousands of underground shelters across the provinces and even conflict with the Blades.


The Winterborn are a clan of Reachman who have inhabited the Wrothgar region of the Western Reach, dating back to the First Era. Though they devoutly worship Malacath, they have often been at odds with the Orsimer, and fought against them during the Siege of Orsinium.

Wrathful Flame[edit]

The Wrathful Flame is an Orcish religious order based in Wrothgar. Every ten years they light Malacath's pyre in ruins of the first incarnation of Orsinium. Legends says that for one thousand years they have honored the four clans who founded Orsinium and scorned those who caused its fall.

The order seeks to show Malacath that they will not repeat the mistakes of the past. They bind Malacath's anger to the failures of the Orcs and strive to remember what led to their doom. According to Malacath, rekindling the pyre every generation fuels vengeance in the hearts of his followers.

Wood Orcs[edit]

The Wood Orcs are Orcs that live in the province of Valenwood, rather than the ridged mountains across the north. Much like their cousins, the Wood Orcs value strength and honor, but like their neighbors, the Bosmer, they also strive to improve their agility and mobility in the tricky environment. Beyond their geographical differences and personal goals, the Wood Orcs are Orcs through and through, stubborn, blunt, and brutish.They are known to worship Malacath, the Daedric Prince of Oaths, or in this case, Mauloch, the God of Curses.

The Wooded Eye[edit]

The Wooded Eye was a group of Hermaeus Mora cultists in Second Era Valenwood. They guarded Rootwater Grove, which contained the Cradle of Ilmyris, a library of secret knowledge both textual and crystalline. Almost all of the Wooded Eye's members were driven mad by overexposure to Ayleid 'memory' crystals by Vicereeve Pelidil and Prince Naemon.[1]


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