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East Empire Company[edit]

The East Empire Company (sometimes called the East Empire Trading Company or abbreviated as the EEC, and simply called The Company by others) is a merchant organization. The Company has a monopoly on multiple trade goods—including raw ebony, raw glass, and StalhrimDwemer artifacts, and flin. It controlled the import and export of multiple goods to and from Vvardenfell, like kwama Eggs, marshmerrow pulp, saltrice, and Telvanni bug musk. It was commissioned by the Emperor and is controlled by a group of individuals he appointed, which, in addition to the Company's wealth, makes it relatively powerful, with its influence having affected even the administration of the Duke of Vvardenfell.

Ebonheart Pact[edit]

The Ebonheart Pact was a military alliance between the Great Houses Dres, Hlaalu, Indoril, and Redoran of Morrowind, the Kingdom of Eastern Skyrim, and the tribes of Shadowfen and Thornmarsh in Black Marsh during the chaotic Interregnum of the Second Era. It vied with the Aldmeri Dominion and Daggerfall Covenant for control over the contested Ruby Throne in Cyrodiil. It was a creation of unlikely allies, who had long histories of strife between them, but united for mutual defense, first against Akaviri invaders and later against the Daedric cultists of Molag Bal in Cyrodiil. They aimed to wipe away the rash rule of the Empire and end once and for all mortals' entanglements with higher power from beyond Nirn. The Pact was led by Jorunn the Skald-King, who headed the Great Moot, as well as the three living gods of the Dunmer.

Elder Council[edit]

The Elder Council, also called the Imperial Council, the Imperial Court, and the Imperial Council of Elders, is the foremost administrative body in the Cyrodilic government. The Council's actions are governed by the rules and procedures outlined in the Elder Council Charter. It typically convenes at the Elder Council Chamber in the lower floors of the Imperial Palace in the Imperial City. The leader of the Elder Council holds the title of High Chancellor, and a Chief Councilor is designated as his deputy.

Though it theoretically merely helps the Emperor govern by dealing with various details, the Council has proven capable of wrestling a substantial amount of authority away from the Imperial throne, and there is often a power struggle between the two. The Council has legislative authority, and may vote on and enact new laws they deem proper. However, the reigning Emperor retains the power of veto, a right famously exploited by Uriel Septim VI to restore the power of the Emperor when faced with an unruly Council.

When the Council is not in some sort of disagreement with an Emperor, its members are often looking for ways to curry favor with the Ruby Throne. Each member receives an amulet worth a small fortune which is specially crafted as a symbol of their office. As a prominent family in Cyrodiil garners more and more power and repute, people eventually start thinking it is only a matter of time before they obtain a representative on the Council, though it is not clear exactly how new Council members are appointed. Appointment is seen as both an honor and burden, though some nobles view it only as a means to obtain more power and influence.

End of Times[edit]

A doomsday cult who were operating out of Mournhold in 3E 427. The cult prophesied that the Tribunal would lose their divine powers and that the Daedra would pass through the gates of Oblivion and invade Tamriel.[1]


The Erabenimsun Tribe is one of the four distinct tribes of the Ashlanders of Vvardenfell, in the province of Morrowind. The Erabenimsun are very war-like and intolerant to outlanders and even other Ashlanders. They are brutal and hardened warriors that historically live in the region of Molag Amur, in southeast Vvardenfell, which is a very harsh environment. In the rough ashlands, the tribe lives in the Erabenimsun Camp, which is commonly found around the ruined Dwarven city of Nchuleftingth, in narrow canyons. They live in the now and have little care for history and prophecy, and their wise women have little power among them. The Erabenimsun Tribe are known to slaughter banished Dark Elves on sight.


The Euraxians were a faction composed of mostly Nibenese mercenaries who were dedicated to Queen Euraxia Tharn after she illegally took the throne of the kingdom of Rimmen in Elsweyr for herself. They were active during the middle of the Second Era and were seen specially in the region of Elsweyr known as Anequina, which is located to the north of the homeland of the Khajiit.

Eyes of the Queen[edit]

The Eyes of the Queen, or simply the Eyes, were a personal guard and intelligence organization that served Queen Ayrenn of the First Aldmeri Dominion during the Interregnum. Though the Eyes were formally established in 2E 580 upon Ayrenn's accession to the throne, they existed as an underground agency working to secure Ayrenn's rise to power for many years beforehand. The Eyes served as an elite corps responsible directly to the Queen, and played a central role in suppressing the Veiled Heritance, an Altmeri supremacist group that attempted to depose Ayrenn in 2E 582.


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