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The Pale Watch[edit]

The Pale Watch was a knightly order from High Rock during the Second Era. Pledging fealty to the monarch of Daggerfall, they were fierce adherents to their oath of vigil, but eventually descended into banditry.

Penitus Oculatus[edit]

The Penitus Oculatus was formed as the Emperor's espionage and bodyguard organization, presumably soon after the Oblivion Crisis, as the Blades abandoned their role as Imperial bodyguards with the death of the Dragonborn Emperors. The Penitus Oculatus gained greater duties and importance following the Great War and the dissolution of the Blades dictated by the White-Gold Concordat. They also double as Imperial assassins. The organization requires its members to have sharp senses and a willingness to kill. Their recruitment process is oftentimes a brutal one, as displayed by Inspector Colin's task to assassinate an old man. The purpose of such a recruitment process was to weed out those unwilling to actually go through with murder and other usually immoral tasks.

The Penitus Oculatus is known to have spies in groups of Thalmor sympathizers.

Penitus Oculatus roughly translates to "The Inner Eyes" or, literally, to "Inwardly having Eyes". Members of the Penitus Oculatus are known as inspectors, although they are colloquially referred to as "spectres".

Phyllocid Dynasty[edit]

The Phyllocid Dynasty was the royal family of Hammerfell that governed the province from the ancient capital of Hegathe and later in Sentinel during its time under the regime of the Second Empire and the Interregnum. Each monarch is adorned with the Diadem of Diagna when graced with the title of the High King.

Priests of Order[edit]

The Priests of Order are mortal inhabitants of the Shivering Isles who have betrayed their liege, Sheogorath, to join Jyggalag and his Forces of Order. With their link to Jyggalag giving them power, these priests perform rituals at the obelisks to summon Knights of Order to the realm. As long as their obelisk is active, they cannot truly be killed. The only way to break the connection between a Priest of Order and their obelisk is to place three Hearts of Order into the obelisk, causing it to overload, then kill the priest before they can repair the damage.

Prostitutes Guild[edit]

The Prostitutes Guild was sanctioned in 2E 321 by Potentate Versidue-Shaie with the approval of the Guilds Act. Each local chapter of the Prostitutes Guild has a Guildmistress who handles appointments with clients and oversees the safety of the guild's prostitutes.

Psijic Order[edit]

The Psijic Order or the Order of PSJJJJ is the oldest monastic group of Tamriel, devoted to the study and practice of Mysticism, which they call the "Old Ways" or "Elder Way". They make their home on the Isle of Artaeum in the Summerset archipelago.