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Symbol of the Crowns

The Crowns are what is left of the old ruling class of Yokuda, the Na-Totambu. They can be found mostly in northern and inland Hammerfell and are known for still honoring the ancient Redguard ways.[1][2] Alongside the Forebears and the Lhotunics, they are considered one of the major political parties of Hammerfell. Generally speaking, the Crowns dominate the northern region of Hammerfell and continue to adhere to their Yokudan background.[3]


In the mid-Second Era, the Crowns supported Grandee Zizzeen's claim to the title of High King of Hammerfell, but lost out to Fahara'jad.[4][5] The last High King of the province is considered Thassad II, who was a Crown. During the Common Era, Thassad's son Prince A'tor led the Crowns in a fierce civil war against the Forebears and later the Septim Empire, culminating in their defeat at the Battle of Hunding Bay.[6]

During the Imperial Simulacrum in the late-Third Era, the Crowns of northeast Hammerfell and much of the Western Reach was invaded by the Nords of Skyrim, in the War of the Bend'r-mahk, and saw no assistance from the Forebears to the south.[3] Elinhir was taken over by the Nordic counts, and there was little resistance against them.[7] But even so, eastern Hammerfell continued their fight in the hopes of reclaiming the north. At roughly the same time, the High Prophet of Elinhir, Ayaan-si called the True Crowns of the north to openly rebel against King Lhotun and his kingdom, Sentinel. Since his declaration of war, the Crowns managed to establish forays throughout Bergama and Dak'fron's borders and eventually won Totambu's independence. But as Lhotun's armies surrounded Totambu from all four sides, it is currently unknown how the conflict concluded.[3]


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