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Jode's Chariot[edit]

Jode's Chariot was a law enforcement agency which operated at the Redfur Trading Post in Grahtwood during the Second Era. They were employed by the leader of the merchants in charge of the trading coster at the time. To this end, they served as the town guard, stopping thieves and either jailing people for committing crimes or sentencing them to time in the stocks depending on the severity of the crime.

The Chariots would occasionally butt heads with the Hollow Moon, a charitable organization that stole from Redfur's wealthy merchants and gave their bounty to the poor. The Chariots agreed that giving to those in need was a noble cause, and thieves were good for business at the trading post. The Hollow Moon kept the market fluid and stopped too much wealth from accumulating in one place. However, Jode's Chariot couldn't ignore the Hollow Moon simply because their cause was just. The Hollow Moon was still a group of thieves, and thieves were to be put in the stocks. Jode's Chariot existed to maintain order in the trading coster, and that purpose would be null if they allowed every thief to get away with their crimes.