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Laborer's Guild[edit]

The Laborer's Guild is a contractor organization that seems to deal in varying disciplines of manual labor.[1] They possessed a guild hall in Stros M'Kai circa 2E 864.[2]

Lainlyn (family)[edit]

The Lainlyn family is a Redguard clan and the namesake of the eponymous city-state and later barony. While their political affiliation is never stated, the Lainlyn settlement is historically associated with the Crowns.

Lariat Family[edit]

The Lariat Family (also spelled Lariate) was an influential Breton family of Wayrest, active in Third Era. They were distant cousins of the Septims, and were known for their high position within the Empire.

League of Unrest[edit]

The League of Unrest was a First Era alliance between Daggerfall, Wayrest and Balfiera against the Cyrodiils. Not to be confused with the Restless League.[3]

Legion Zero[edit]

Legion Zero was a regiment of the Imperial Legion that was formed during the Planemeld. Their ranks consisted of those within the greater Legion who swore loyalty to Molag Bal and the Worm Cult, seduced by the promise of riches and power.


The Lhotunics are the third faction in Redguard society that appeared after the Warp in the West. During the Warp, the Forebear city of Sentinel became the dominant power in most of northern Hammerfell. However, most of Sentinel's new lands were Crown. To keep his kingdom together, King Lhotun was forced to create what some consider a third party, one with reverence for the Yokudan past but respect for the Imperial ways. The moderate Lhotunics have attracted nothing but contempt from both the Forebears and the Crowns.

Lion Guard[edit]

The Lion Guard was a Breton knightly order that served as the elite and personal guardians of the Daggerfall Covenant's rulers. The order's tenets, simple and unwavering, were to fight for the good of all High Rock and every Breton.


The Locvar were a barbarian tribe active on Summerset Isle during the Merethic Era, known for their conflict with Clan Direnni.

Longhouse Emperors[edit]

The Longhouse Emperors were a dynasty of Reachmen who seized the Ruby Throne and ruled the Empire of Cyrodiil for a period of forty-four years during the Interregnum. Regarded as eccentric at best and utterly alien at worst by Cyrodiil's populace, the Longhouse Emperors' reign began when Durcorach the Black Drake and his warriors conquered Cyrodiil in 2E 533, a feat believed to have been made possible with the aid of sympathetic Imperial nobles and secret Daedra worshipers who struck a deal with Mehrunes Dagon. In an effort to solidify his tenuous claim to the throne, Durcorach married Veraxia Tharn of the prominent Tharn family of Nibenay in 2E 534, and also appointed a new Elder Council. Durcorach eventually met his end while leading an army of Reachmen in an invasion of High Rock in 2E 541; after raiding several cities, Durcorach's army was broken outside Daggerfall, and the Longhouse Emperor himself was slain by Emeric of Cumberland.

Moricar the Middling, Durcorach's son, succeeded him at the age of 23. Moricar had been born and raised in the Reach like his father, but had spent his teenage years under Imperial tutelage and was said to better understand Cyrodilic culture. In 2E 563, Moricar launched an invasion of Western Skyrim. Accounts of the campaign differ. In one, Moricar remained in the Imperial City rather than lead the army as his father would have. This decision likely spared his life, as his forces were humiliatingly routed in a single battle by the army of High King Svargrim, but he was consequently lambasted as a coward by Western Skyrim's bards. In another account, Moricar led his troops to the gates of Solitude before Svargrim's army attacked in overwhelming numbers. Moricar was gravely wounded in the battle and returned to Cyrodiil, where Imperial and Reach healers were only able to keep him alive until the following year.

In 2E 564, Durcorach's grandson Leovic inherited the Ruby Throne. Following suit with his grandfather by marrying a Tharn, Clivia, Leovic's reign was initially only marked by the emperor's peculiar behaviors, which the Cyrodilic nobility blamed on his Reachman upbringing. Eventually, however, Leovic crossed the line when he legalized Daedra worship, allegedly at the behest of corrupt advisors, and consequently drew the ire of many nobles who had once been counted among his supporters. One of these erstwhile supporters, Duke Varen Aquilarios of Chorrol, marshaled the armies of the Colovian Estates and led them against Leovic in open rebellion from 2E 576 to 2E 577. In the end, Leovic was killed by Varen in the Imperial Throne Room, and the era of the Longhouse Emperors came to a close. Durcorach's line was survived by his kin in the Reach, the Blackdrake Clan, and after Leovic's demise, the clan's chieftainship was claimed by Caddach, a cousin who had been installed as the Imperial Governor of Markarth by Moricar.


Lyrezi is one of the vampire bloodlines of the Iliac Bay area.


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