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Dyes are colors which can be applied to armor, clothing, or shields at any Dye Station. Dye can also be applied to costumes and hats with ESO Plus or Dye Stamps. Dye Stations can be found in most major cities, generally near the Alchemy Stations. There is at least one Dye Station for each zone. Dyes are acquired by unlocking Achievements. Unlocked Dyes are shared across accounts, so multiple characters can use them. This allows, for example, new characters to use Dyes that cannot normally be acquired at their level if they have been unlocked by another character.

Dyeing your armor is free and requires no resources of any kind. You may re-dye the same armor piece as many times as you like. But once an armor piece is dyed once, it is permanently bound to your account, and cannot be traded to other players. It may of course still be sold to NPCs, deconstructed, researched, or destroyed. You can only apply dyes to armor you are currently wearing. Other armor in your inventory is not available in the Dye Station interface. All armor pieces may be dyed, including those received as a quest reward.

Each armor piece can have three different colors applied to it. From left to right on the interface they include a primary color, a trim color, and a secondary color. The primary color will be the most prominent on the armor, while the secondary will be seen on some of the smaller sections. Trim color usually separates the two. This of course depends greatly on the type and style of armor in question. In the Dye Station interface, you may have up to four pre-defined sets, which can be applied wholesale to a piece of armor, or you can apply colors directly to each piece without using sets. You can also use the Copy Color tool to see what color an armor piece already has, in order to apply it to other slots. You can preview your color choices without committing them, and rotate your character to see them from multiple angles. Once you have chosen the colors you want, you can commit your changes, which will make them permanent.

Standard dyes come in three different rarities and seven different hue sets. Common Dyes are relatively easy to acquire, and can generally be unlocked by any character. Uncommon Dyes require a good bit more work to unlock, and some may require a significant investment in crafting skills, may only be available to Veteran level players, etc. Rare Dyes are much more difficult to get, and only the most dedicated players are likely to see many of them. Uncommon and especially Rare Dyes tend to be more intense and shinier than Common ones. You can sort the available Dyes either by rarity or by hues, which are roughly divided into Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Brown, and Grey. Additionally, you can optionally filter out the Dyes you have unlocked from those you haven't. Rolling over a Dye will show you which achievement is needed to unlock it if you haven't yet, and you can click on the description to be taken to the achievements page to see it in more detail.

In addition to these, Update 17 introduced new multi-colored dyes, which correspond to the un-dyed colors for crafted items at each of the levels of crafting. So if you wanted a Maple Shield to look like Ruby Ash, this became possible. You can unlock these by deconstructing an item (of any type) at each of the various crafting levels. Update 17 also introduced the ability to dye weapons, as part of the Outfit System.

Finally, there are a number of dyes which can only be found in Dye Stamps purchased from the Crown Store, and thus only applied to costumes and not armor. While most Dye Stamps use standard dyes, the ones associated with Holiday Events generally use more vivid colors unique to these events.


  • ON-icon-ArmorDye-Dye.png Dye: Apply the selected color to any armor piece slot or set slot.
  • ON-icon-ArmorDye-Dye All.png Dye All: Apply the selected color to the selected slot for all armor pieces or all sets.
  • ON-icon-ArmorDye-Clear Color.png Clear Color: Remove the color from the selected slot and restore it to original coloring. Note that if you have already committed your color changes and bound the item to your account, you cannot unbind it in this way.
  • ON-icon-ArmorDye-Copy Color.png Copy Color: Copy a color from a selected armor piece slot or set slot.
  • ON-icon-ArmorDye-Set Fill.png Set Fill: Apply the selected color set to an armor piece.


Dye Hue Rarity Achievement
Faded Dwemer Scholar Red Faded Dwemer Scholar Red ARed 1Common Dwarven Secrets Gatherer
Forge Ember Red Forge Ember Red ARed 1Common Apprentice Deconstructor
Aspect Red Aspect Red ARed 1Common Aspect
Oblivion Vermilion Oblivion Vermilion ARed 1Common Oblivion Shard Gatherer
Mudcrab Maroon Mudcrab Maroon ARed 1Common Chitin Accumulator
Fighters Guild Red Fighters Guild Red ARed 1Common Associate of the Fighters Guild
Dragonknight's Blood Dragonknight's Blood ARed 1Common Grand Dragonknight Slayer
Quester Yellow Quester Yellow BYellow 1Common Quester
Master Gold Master Gold BYellow 1Common Level 50 Hero
Templar's Last Dawn Templar's Last Dawn BYellow 1Common Grand Templar Slayer
Automaton Bronze Automaton Bronze BYellow 1Common Dwarven Construct Slayer
Restorative Gold Restorative Gold BYellow 1Common Greater Dungeon Healer
Dragonthorn Yellow Dragonthorn Yellow BYellow 1Common Apprentice Crafting Harvester
Essence Green Essence Green CGreen 1Common Essence
Explorer Green Explorer Green CGreen 1Common Explorer
Spriggan Green Spriggan Green CGreen 1Common Nature Collector
Battaglir Green Battaglir Green CGreen 1Common Recipe Card
Jute Green Jute Green CGreen 1Common Expert Crafting Harvester
Corporal's Green Corporal's Green CGreen 1Common Alliance War Corporal
Gangrene Green Gangrene Green CGreen 1Common Undead Hoarder
Hunter Green Hunter Green CGreen 1Common Nature Slayer
Woodsman Green Woodsman Green CGreen 1Common Certified Jack-of-All-Trades
Warden's Moss Green Warden's Moss Green CGreen 1Common Grand Warden Slayer
Guardian Blue Guardian Blue DBlue 1Common Greater Dungeon Blocker
Dungeon Victor Turquoise Dungeon Victor Turquoise DBlue 1Common Dungeon Annihilator
Apprentice Blue Apprentice Blue DBlue 1Common Level 20 Hero
Mages Guild Blue Mages Guild Blue DBlue 1Common Student of the Mages Guild
Motif Pattern Blue Motif Pattern Blue DBlue 1Common Alliance Style Master
Potency Blue Potency Blue DBlue 1Common Potency
Bugloss Blue Bugloss Blue DBlue 1Common Apprentice of Refinement
Nightblades' Indigo Nightblades' Indigo DBlue 1Common Grand Nightblade Slayer
Dolmen Deep Blue Dolmen Deep Blue DBlue 1Common Anchor Destroyer
Sorcerers'-Bane Violet Sorcerers'-Bane Violet EPurple 1Common Grand Sorcerer Slayer
Soul Gem Purple Soul Gem Purple EPurple 1Common Chasing Shadows
Amethyst Violet Amethyst Violet EPurple 1Common Learn a Trait
Hyacinth Pink Hyacinth Pink EPurple 1Common Journeyman Crafting Harvester
Adept Purple Adept Purple EPurple 1Common Level 30 Hero
Beast Collector Violet Beast Collector Violet EPurple 1Common Tamriel Beast Collector
Shein Violet Shein Violet EPurple 1Common Recipe Book
Captain's Violet Captain's Violet EPurple 1Common Alliance War Captain
Yokudan Cod Tan Yokudan Cod Tan FBrown 1Common Craglorn Angler
Novice Tan Novice Tan FBrown 1Common Level 10 Hero
Raw Hide Tan Raw Hide Tan FBrown 1Common Master Crafting Harvester
Centurion Metal Centurion Metal FBrown 1Common Alliance War Centurion
Dried Blood Brown Dried Blood Brown FBrown 1Common Recruit of the Undaunted
Heartlands Umber Heartlands Umber FBrown 1Common Support the Fight
Book Cover Brown Book Cover Brown FBrown 1Common Racial Style Learned
Trolls Fur Brown Trolls Fur Brown FBrown 1Common Monstrous Component Collector
Bandit Brown Bandit Brown FBrown 1Common Humanoid Slayer
Wolf's Fur Brown Wolf's Fur Brown FBrown 1Common Lycanthropy
Boss Butcher Brown Boss Butcher Brown FBrown 1Common Dungeon Lord
Birch White Birch White GGrey 1Common Expert of Refinement
Volunteer's Iron Volunteer's Iron GGrey 1Common Alliance War Volunteer
Boethiah Gray Boethiah Gray GGrey 1Common Daedra Slayer
Obsidian Black Obsidian Black GGrey 1Common Expert Deconstructor
Mort Flesh White Mort Flesh White GGrey 1Common Undead Slayer
Expert Gray Expert Gray GGrey 1Common Level 40 Hero
Tombstone Gray Tombstone Gray GGrey 1Common Dungeon Damage Dispenser
Noxophilic Black Noxophilic Black GGrey 1Common Vampirism
Elemental White Elemental White GGrey 1Common Atronach Element Collector
Legionary's Lead Legionary's Lead GGrey 1Common Alliance War Legionary
Soul Shriven Gray Soul Shriven Gray GGrey 1Common Soul Shriven in Coldharbour
Sergeant's Charcoal Sergeant's Charcoal GGrey 1Common Alliance War Sergeant
Khenarthi Red Khenarthi Red ARed 2Uncommon Khenarthi's Roost Pathfinder
Recipe Reader Red Recipe Reader Red ARed 2Uncommon Recipe Compendium
Pact Fisher Red Pact Fisher Red ARed 2Uncommon Pact Fisherman
Strangler Maw Red Strangler Maw Red ARed 2Uncommon Shadowfen Master Explorer
Kresh Flower Red Kresh Flower Red ARed 2Uncommon Grand Master Crafting Harvester
Flame-Knight Light Red Flame-Knight Light Red ARed 2Uncommon Stormhaven Master Explorer
Riften Copper Riften Copper ARed 2Uncommon Shattered Remnants
Deceit Orange Deceit Orange ARed 2Uncommon Easy as Pie
Senche-Tiger Orange Senche-Tiger Orange ARed 2Uncommon Hallowed Moons
Enchanter Tangerine Enchanter Tangerine ARed 2Uncommon Master Enchanter
Champion Red Champion Red ARed 2Uncommon Fighters Guild Veteran
Jode Red Jode Red ARed 2Uncommon Reaper's March Master Explorer
Red Diamond Red Red Diamond Red ARed 2Uncommon The Valley of Blades
Regicide Red Regicide Red ARed 2Uncommon Emperor Slayer
Pact Conqueror Red Pact Conqueror Red ARed 2Uncommon Ebonheart Pact Conqueror
Craglorn Crimson Craglorn Crimson ARed 2Uncommon Lower Craglorn Master Explorer
Somber Cerise Somber Cerise ARed 2Uncommon Imperial City WarlordImperial City
Fire Drake's Flame Fire Drake's Flame ARed 2Uncommon Pit Hero
Starlight Gold Starlight Gold BYellow 2Uncommon Dawn of a Champion
Hlaalu Gold Hlaalu Gold BYellow 2Uncommon Plague Eater
Evermore Gold Evermore Gold BYellow 2Uncommon End of Empire
Mastic Yellow Mastic Yellow BYellow 2Uncommon Legendary Woodworker
Craftmaster Gold Craftmaster Gold BYellow 2Uncommon Master Deconstructor
Hunding Gold Hunding Gold BYellow 2Uncommon Stros M'kai and Betnikh Explorer
Sulfur Pools Yellow Sulfur Pools Yellow BYellow 2Uncommon Eastmarch Master Explorer
Dominion Fisher Yellow Dominion Fisher Yellow BYellow 2Uncommon Dominion Fisherman
Woodworker Yellow Woodworker Yellow BYellow 2Uncommon Master Woodworker
Alchemist Bilious Alchemist Bilious BYellow 2Uncommon Master Alchemist
Dominion Conqueror Yellow Dominion Conqueror Yellow BYellow 2Uncommon Aldmeri Dominion Conqueror
Antique Brass Antique Brass BYellow 2Uncommon The Sublime ProtectorImperial City
Anequina Sunrise Anequina Sunrise BYellow 2Uncommon Savior of ElsweyrElsweyr
Doomcrag Verdigris Doomcrag Verdigris CGreen 2Uncommon Curse Breaker
Dominion Vanquisher Green Dominion Vanquisher Green CGreen 2Uncommon Vanquisher of the Dominion
Falinesti Green Falinesti Green CGreen 2Uncommon Matchmaker
Vine Green Vine Green CGreen 2Uncommon Glenumbra Master Explorer
Nibenay Trout Green Nibenay Trout Green CGreen 2Uncommon Cyrodiil Angler
Hist Green Hist Green CGreen 2Uncommon Egg and Root
Forest Footpad Green Forest Footpad Green CGreen 2Uncommon Sneak Thief Extraordinaire
Wyrd Tree Green Wyrd Tree Green CGreen 2Uncommon Ritual Destruction
Silvenar Green Silvenar Green CGreen 2Uncommon Malabal Tor Master Explorer
Pit Daemon's Poison Pit Daemon's Poison CGreen 2Uncommon Grand Relic Hunter
Welkynd Blue Welkynd Blue DBlue 2Uncommon Spirit of the Bosmer
Eyevea Blue Eyevea Blue DBlue 2Uncommon Arch-Mage
Smith Steel Blue Smith Steel Blue DBlue 2Uncommon Master Blacksmith
Ransacker Blue Ransacker Blue DBlue 2Uncommon Superior Ransacker
Covenant Conqueror Blue Covenant Conqueror Blue DBlue 2Uncommon Daggerfall Covenant Conqueror
Netch Jelly Blue Netch Jelly Blue DBlue 2Uncommon Bleakrock and Bal Foyen Explorer
Wisp Blue Wisp Blue DBlue 2Uncommon Bangkorai Master Explorer
Covenant Fisher Blue Covenant Fisher Blue DBlue 2Uncommon Covenant Fisherman
Alik'r Lapis Alik'r Lapis DBlue 2Uncommon Consecrated Ground
Indoril Blue Indoril Blue DBlue 2Uncommon Deshaan Master Explorer
Tainted Turquoise Tainted Turquoise DBlue 2Uncommon Imperial TransgressionsImperial City
New Life Cerulean New Life Cerulean DBlue 2Uncommon New Life Celebrant
Shrike Blue Shrike Blue DBlue 2Uncommon Savior of SummersetSummerset
Wayrest Royal Purple Wayrest Royal Purple EPurple 2Uncommon Rude Awakening
Ironweed Violet Ironweed Violet EPurple 2Uncommon Legendary Clothier
Haunted Moor Mauve Haunted Moor Mauve EPurple 2Uncommon Rivenspire Master Explorer
Covenant Vanquisher Violet Covenant Vanquisher Violet EPurple 2Uncommon Vanquisher of the Covenant
Pillager Purple Pillager Purple EPurple 2Uncommon Epic Acquirer
Dibella's Blush Dibella's Blush EPurple 2Uncommon Greenshade Master Explorer
Master Adventurer Purple Master Adventurer Purple EPurple 2Uncommon Master Adventurer
Clothier Purple Clothier Purple EPurple 2Uncommon Master Clothier
Nightshade Purple Nightshade Purple EPurple 2Uncommon Chainbreaker
Stormlord's Lightning Stormlord's Lightning EPurple 2Uncommon Grand Standard-Bearer
Telvanni Brown Telvanni Brown FBrown 2Uncommon Stonefalls Master Explorer
Murder Mahogany Murder Mahogany FBrown 2Uncommon Kill a Grand Overlord
Mammoth Fur Brown Mammoth Fur Brown FBrown 2Uncommon The Rift Master Explorer
Provisioner Brown Provisioner Brown FBrown 2Uncommon Master Provisioner
Graht-Bark Brown Graht-Bark Brown FBrown 2Uncommon Grahtwood Master Explorer
Adventurer Brown Adventurer Brown FBrown 2Uncommon Adventurer
Pact Vanquisher Brown Pact Vanquisher Brown FBrown 2Uncommon Vanquisher of the Pact
Brewer's Ale Brown Brewer's Ale Brown FBrown 2Uncommon Master Chef
Colovian Deep Brown Colovian Deep Brown FBrown 2Uncommon Cyrodiil Cave Delver
Dusky Bronze Dusky Bronze FBrown 2Uncommon Horror of HorrorsImperial City
Polished Steel Gray Polished Steel Gray GGrey 2Uncommon Master of Refinement
Windhelm Steel Windhelm Steel GGrey 2Uncommon Blood Feud
Prefect's Gray Prefect's Gray GGrey 2Uncommon Alliance War Prefect
Thalmor Black Thalmor Black GGrey 2Uncommon Iconoclast
Stendarr White Stendarr White GGrey 2Uncommon Master Monster Slayer
Moonstone White Moonstone White GGrey 2Uncommon Trait Master
Earthforge Iron Gray Earthforge Iron Gray GGrey 2Uncommon Legendary Blacksmith
Tribune's Steel Tribune's Steel GGrey 2Uncommon Alliance War Tribune
Maormer-Eyes Gray Maormer-Eyes Gray GGrey 2Uncommon Auridon Master Explorer
Varla White Varla White GGrey 2Uncommon A Rule Unquestioned
Ashland Gray Ashland Gray GGrey 2Uncommon Hearts of Darkness
Ash'abah Hood Gray Ash'abah Hood Gray GGrey 2Uncommon Alik'r Desert Master Explorer
Shadow Foot Gray Shadow Foot Gray GGrey 2Uncommon Felonious Recompense
Tower White-Gold Tower White-Gold GGrey 2Uncommon BlockbusterImperial City
Soul Shriven Pale Soul Shriven Pale GGrey 2Uncommon Coldharbour Master Explorer
Antique Silver Antique Silver HMixed 2Uncommon Master Jewelry CrafterSummerset
Dragonstar Red Dragonstar Red ARed 3Rare Time Trial: Hel Ra Citadel
Syffim Red Syffim Red ARed 3Rare Fighters Guild Skill Master
General's Gold General's Gold ARed 3Rare Alliance War General
Sigil Orange Sigil Orange ARed 3Rare City of Ash II Conqueror
Pact Blood Red Pact Blood Red ARed 3Rare Hero of the Ebonheart Pact
Warlord's Red Warlord's Red ARed 3Rare Alliance War Warlord
Ruby Throne Red Ruby Throne Red ARed 3Rare Emperor!
Nirncrux Red Nirncrux Red ARed 3Rare Learn the Nirnhoned Trait
Daedric Red Daedric Red ARed 3Rare General Executioner
Magnus Setting Red Magnus Setting Red ARed 3Rare Veteran White-Gold TowerImperial City
Bloodroot Wine Bloodroot Wine ARed 3Rare Horns of the Reach DelverHorns of the Reach
Apricot Outrage Apricot Outrage ARed 3Rare Blackrose Prison VanquisherMurkmire
Scintillating Scarlet Scintillating Scarlet ARed 3Rare Flames of Ambition DelverFlames of Ambition
Dominion Yellow Dominion Yellow BYellow 3Rare Hero of the Aldmeri Dominion
Grand Overlord's Brass Grand Overlord's Brass BYellow 3Rare Alliance War Grand Overlord
Ayleid Gold Ayleid Gold BYellow 3Rare Aldmeri Master Explorer
Dwarven Brass Dwarven Brass BYellow 3Rare Dwemer Style Master
Akatosh's Scales Gold Akatosh's Scales Gold BYellow 3Rare Complete All Speed Challenges
Colossus Brass Colossus Brass BYellow 3Rare Halls of Fabrication CompletedMorrowind
Glacial Topaz Glacial Topaz BYellow 3Rare Wrathstone DelverWrathstone
Aurora Green Aurora Green CGreen 3Rare Time Trial: Aetherian Archive
Orichalc Green Orichalc Green CGreen 3Rare Daggerfall Master Explorer
Ophidian Jade Ophidian Jade CGreen 3Rare Sanctum Ophidia Completed
Putrid Flesh Teal Putrid Flesh Teal CGreen 3Rare Veteran Imperial City PrisonImperial City
Viridian Venom Viridian Venom CGreen 3Rare Toxicologist
Hazardous Chartreuse Hazardous Chartreuse CGreen 3Rare Stonethorn DelverStonethorn
Darkstorm Emerald Darkstorm Emerald CGreen 3Rare Savior of the ReachMarkarth
Necromancer Blue Necromancer Blue DBlue 3Rare Radiant Champion
Aetherial Blue Aetherial Blue DBlue 3Rare Tamriel Skyshard Hunter
Entoloma Blue Entoloma Blue DBlue 3Rare Truly Legendary
Arcane Blue Arcane Blue DBlue 3Rare Mages Guild Skill Master
Mundus Blue Mundus Blue DBlue 3Rare Weekly Trial Complete
Covenant Blue Covenant Blue DBlue 3Rare Hero of the Daggerfall Covenant
Superior Blue Superior Blue DBlue 3Rare Superior Attire
Abyssal Beryl Abyssal Beryl DBlue 3Rare Maw of Lorkhaj CompletedThieves Guild
Vehk's Mystic Blue Vehk's Mystic Blue DBlue 3Rare Champion of VivecMorrowind
Blackreach Blue Blackreach Blue DBlue 3Rare Savior of Western SkyrimGreymoor
Celestial Violet Celestial Violet EPurple 3Rare Time Trial: Weekly
Indomitable Violet Indomitable Violet EPurple 3Rare Indomitable Adventurer
Grand Warlord's Violet Grand Warlord's Violet EPurple 3Rare Alliance War Grand Warlord
Contraband Violet Contraband Violet EPurple 3Rare Black Market Mogul
Voidstone Violet Voidstone Violet EPurple 3Rare Complete All Death Challenges
Slaughterfish Flesh Pink Slaughterfish Flesh Pink EPurple 3Rare Master Fisher
Epic Violet Epic Violet EPurple 3Rare Epic Attire
Overlord's Purple Overlord's Purple EPurple 3Rare Alliance War Overlord
Transliminal Violet Transliminal Violet EPurple 3Rare Imperial LightbringerImperial City
Blademaster's Mauve Blademaster's Mauve EPurple 3Rare Maelstrom Arena ChampionOrsinium
Nacreous Purple Nacreous Purple EPurple 3Rare Dragon Bones DelverDragon Bones
Bedlam Purple Bedlam Purple EPurple 3Rare Cloudrest ConquerorSummerset
Scaled Court Brown Scaled Court Brown FBrown 3Rare Time Trial: Sanctum Ophidia
Undaunted Bronze Undaunted Bronze FBrown 3Rare Undaunted Skill Master
Atmoran Bronze Atmoran Bronze FBrown 3Rare Ebonheart Master Explorer
Motif Master Brown Motif Master Brown FBrown 3Rare Rare Style Master
Julianos White Julianos White GGrey 3Rare Aetherian Archive Completed
Lamae's White Lamae's White GGrey 3Rare Vampirism Master
Lycanthrope Gray Lycanthrope Gray GGrey 3Rare Lycanthropy Master
Legate's Black Legate's Black GGrey 3Rare Alliance War Legate
Adamantine Silver Adamantine Silver GGrey 3Rare Dragonstar Arena Conqueror
Cyrodilic Steel Cyrodilic Steel GGrey 3Rare Cyrodiil Champion
Warrior's Steel Warrior's Steel GGrey 3Rare Hel Ra Citadel Completed
Palatine's White Palatine's White GGrey 3Rare Alliance War Palatine
Liar's Linen Liar's Linen GGrey 3Rare I Like M'aiq
Nirnroot Gray Nirnroot Gray GGrey 3Rare Botanist
Coldharbour Ash Black Coldharbour Ash Black GGrey 3Rare The God of Schemes
Marble White Marble White GGrey 3Rare Excavation VirtuosoGreymoor
Void Pitch Void Pitch GGrey 3Rare Honor to the SpiritbloodMarkarth
Divine Gold Divine Gold HMixed 3Rare Legendary Jewelry CrafterSummerset
Blood Gold Blood Gold Iridescent 3Rare QueenmakerElsweyr
Hollowfang Cruor Hollowfang Cruor Iridescent 3Rare Scalebreaker DelverScalebreaker
Pellitine Coral Pellitine Coral Iridescent 3Rare Return of the DragonguardDragonhold
Frozen Blood Frozen Blood Iridescent 3Rare Harrowstorm DelverHarrowstorm
Rank 1 Materials Rank 01Rank 1 Materials HMixed 4Material Rank 01Rank 1 Deconstruction Analyst
Rank 2 Materials Rank 02Rank 2 Materials HMixed 4Material Rank 02Rank 2 Deconstruction Analyst
Rank 3 Materials Rank 03Rank 3 Materials HMixed 4Material Rank 03Rank 3 Deconstruction Analyst
Rank 4 Materials Rank 04Rank 4 Materials HMixed 4Material Rank 04Rank 4 Deconstruction Analyst
Rank 5 Materials Rank 05Rank 5 Materials HMixed 4Material Rank 05Rank 5 Deconstruction Analyst
Rank 6 Materials Rank 06Rank 6 Materials HMixed 4Material Rank 06Rank 6 Deconstruction Analyst
Rank 7 Materials Rank 07Rank 7 Materials HMixed 4Material Rank 07Rank 7 Deconstruction Analyst
Rank 8 Materials Rank 08Rank 8 Materials HMixed 4Material Rank 08Rank 8 Deconstruction Analyst
Rank 9 Materials Rank 09Rank 9 Materials HMixed 4Material Rank 09Rank 9 Deconstruction Analyst
Rank 10 Materials Rank 10Rank 10 Materials HMixed 4Material Rank 10Rank 10 Deconstruction Analyst
Alik'r Sand Alik'r Sand BYellow 5Dye Stamp Dye StampsCrown Store only
Avocado Green Avocado Green CGreen 5Dye Stamp Dye StampsCrown Store only
Baked Ash Yam Orange Baked Ash Yam Orange ARed 5Dye Stamp Dye StampsCrown Store only
Black is the Darkest Gray Black is the Darkest Gray GGrey 5Dye Stamp Dye StampsCrown Store only
Bunny Nose Pink Bunny Nose Pink EPurple 5Dye Stamp Dye StampsCrown Store only
Butterscotch Ale Butterscotch Ale BYellow 5Dye Stamp Dye StampsCrown Store only
Chorrol Cheddar Chorrol Cheddar BYellow 5Dye Stamp Dye StampsCrown Store only
Clover Lawn Clover Lawn CGreen 5Dye Stamp Dye StampsCrown Store only
Comberry Crimson Comberry Crimson ARed 5Dye Stamp Dye StampsCrown Store only
Crown Gold Crown Gold BYellow 5Dye Stamp Dye StampsCrown Store only
Elven Gore Red Elven Gore Red ARed 5Dye Stamp Dye StampsCrown Store only
Frostfroth Gray Frostfroth Gray GGrey 5Dye Stamp Dye StampsCrown Store only
Gilt-y Pleasure Gilt-y Pleasure BYellow 5Dye Stamp Dye StampsCrown Store only
Guar Tongue Pink Guar Tongue Pink EPurple 5Dye Stamp Dye StampsCrown Store only
Harlequin Heliotrope Harlequin Heliotrope EPurple 5Dye Stamp Dye StampsCrown Store only
Hint of Mint Hint of Mint GGrey 5Dye Stamp Dye StampsCrown Store only
Hundred Pumpkin Orange Hundred Pumpkin Orange ARed 5Dye Stamp Dye StampsCrown Store only
Iliac Bay Blue Iliac Bay Blue DBlue 5Dye Stamp Dye StampsCrown Store only
Immaculate White Immaculate White GGrey 5Dye Stamp Dye StampsCrown Store only
Jolly Aubergine Jolly Aubergine EPurple 5Dye Stamp Dye StampsCrown Store only
Karth Ivy Green Karth Ivy Green CGreen 5Dye Stamp Dye StampsCrown Store only
Lil' Peep Yellow Lil' Peep Yellow BYellow 5Dye Stamp Dye StampsCrown Store only
Pale Pink Gray Pale Pink Gray EPurple 5Dye Stamp Dye StampsCrown Store only
Pastel Sky Pastel Sky DBlue 5Dye Stamp Dye StampsCrown Store only
Patriots' Blood Patriots' Blood ARed 5Dye Stamp Dye StampsCrown Store only
Red Sangria Red Sangria ARed 5Dye Stamp Dye StampsCrown Store only
Roasted Yellow Squash Roasted Yellow Squash BYellow 5Dye Stamp Dye StampsCrown Store only
Star-Made Gold Star-Made Gold BYellow 5Dye Stamp Dye StampsCrown Store only
Surilie Wine Surilie Wine EPurple 5Dye Stamp Dye StampsCrown Store only
True Blue True Blue DBlue 5Dye Stamp Dye StampsCrown Store only
Week-Old Bruise Purple Week-Old Bruise Purple EPurple 5Dye Stamp Dye StampsCrown Store only



  • All of the colors in the "Grey" hue set use the spelling "Gray" instead, a minor inconsistency.