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ON-icon-achievement-Rank.png Dragonstar Arena Champion
ON-icon-achievement-Rank.png Dragonstar Arena Conqueror
Type Arena Achievements
Points 50 each
Dye Adamantine Silver
Title Dragonstar Arena Champion /
Boethiah's Scythe
Furnishing(s) Trophy: Hiath the Battlemaster (image)
Bust: Hiath the Battlemaster (image)
Serpent Stone (000050005,000 Gold)
Conquer all challengers and earn the title of Dragonstar Arena Champion!
Conquer all challengers on the increased difficulty version of Dragonstar Arena.

Dragonstar Arena Champion and Dragonstar Arena Conqueror are awarded for completing Dragonstar Arena in Craglorn. Completing it at non-veteran level earns you the first, and the title of Dragonstar Arena Champion, while completing it at veteran level earns you the Boethiah's Scythe title, as well as the dye. If you have not yet completed the non-veteran version when you do it at veteran level, you will automatically earn both achievements at once. Either achievement will earn you a Trophy: Hiath the Battlemaster (image) for your home, and the Conqueror achievement will also earn you a Bust: Hiath the Battlemaster (image). You will also be able to purchase a Serpent Stone for 000050005,000 Gold from Lozotusk in Belkarth.