Online:Legendary Crafter Achievements

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ON-icon-achievement-Master Blacksmith.png Legendary Blacksmith
ON-icon-achievement-Master Clothier.png Legendary Clothier
ON-icon-achievement-Legendary Jewelry Crafter.png Legendary Jewelry Crafter
ON-icon-sanded wood-Sanded Oak.png Legendary Woodworker
Type Crafting Achievements
Points 50 each
Dye Earthforge Iron GrayEarthforge Iron Gray
Ironweed VioletIronweed Violet
Divine GoldDivine Gold
Mastic YellowMastic Yellow
Improve [ Blacksmithing / Clothing / Jewelry Crafting / Woodworking ] items to all available Qualities.

Legendary Blacksmith, Legendary Clothier, Legendary Jewelry Crafter, and Legendary Woodworker are awarded for upgrading items to all available qualities. You can do so in any order, and you don't have to upgrade the same item to all qualities. Using the Expertise Skills will allow you to do so with far less wastage of tempering materials. You'll need from 2-5 Honing Stone, Hemming, or Pitch, 3-6 Dwarven Oil, Embroidery, or Turpen, 4-10 Grain Solvent, Elegant Lining, or Mastic, and 8-20 Tempering Alloy, Dreugh Wax, or Rosin (depending on your relevant Expertise Skill) to avoid any chance of destroying items, though if you're feeling lucky, you theoretically can do it with only 1 of each. (For Jewelry Crafting, you will only need 1-3 Terne Plating, 2-5 Iridium Plating, 3-7 Zircon Plating, and 4-10 Chromium Plating, though you will have to refine these platings from 10 grains a piece, which can be time consuming or expensive.)