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ON-icon-achievement-Quests.png I Like M'aiq
Type Exploration Achievements
Points 15
Dye Liar's Linen
Track the movements of M'aiq the Liar across Tamriel and beyond.

I Like M'aiq is awarded for encountering M'aiq the Liar at least once in each of the Alliance zones and Coldharbour. This includes the Starter zones of Bal Foyen, Betnikh, and Khenarthi's Roost (but not Bleakrock Isle or Stros M'Kai), for a total of 19 sightings. M'aiq can appear in several locations within each of these zones, but he has a fairly low chance of spawning, so you may need to revisit the same locations several times. You must actually speak to M'aiq at least once per zone in order to be given credit. Simply spotting him is not enough. You can usually speak to him 3 times before he simply tells you to "come back later". Unlike the World Event Achievements, M'aiq is equally visible to all players, so if another player sees him in a given location, he will be there for you as well.

The locations where M'aiq can spawn are listed below:

Zone Location
Aldmeri Dominion
Khenarthi's Roost Northwest of Bolga's Hunting Camp (map)
Between Rid-Thar's Solace and Temple of the Mourning Springs, along the eastern coast (map)
Auridon Just southeast of Soulfire Plateau (map)
On the pier at the west side of Smuggler's Cove (map)
West of the Isle of Contemplation on the shore of the lake (map)
Just east of Monkey's Rest, by the northern path where the road splits (map)
Grahtwood Halfway between Ossuary Wayshrine and The Scuttle Pit, against a rock face (map)
Southwest of the Tower stone, along the cliffs (map)
West of Goldfolly, by a small lake (map)
West of the Reliquary of Stars, halfway between the ruins and the lake with the Fisherman's Hut (map)
Further west from the same lake, due north of the Tarlain Heights Dolmen (map)
Greenshade At Fisherman's Rest, north of Woodhearth (map)
On the shores of Echo Pond (map)
On the south side of the Pelda Tarn ruin (map)
Malabal Tor At the remains of a burned shack north of Starwalk Cavern (map)
Directly east of Valeguard Wayshrine (map)
West of the Hoarvor Pit, about halfway to Dra'Bul Wayshrine (map)
SW of the Windshriek Strand world boss, on the shore of a small island with a broken boat (map)
Reaper's March West of Dawnmead Brigand Camp below the Arena under a big treebranch (map)
South of Researcher's Camp, at a big tree (map)
Just north of Dawnmead Ruin Camp (map)
On the southwest side of Thormar ruin, east of Broken Arch (map)
Daggerfall Covenant
Betnikh Between Eyearata and Moriseli. (map)
About halfway between the Stonetooth and Carved Hills Wayshrines. (map)
Glenumbra East of Camlorn. (map)
Just north of the Farwatch Wayshrine (map)
East of the Daggerfall Southern Docks (map)
Just west of Mesanthano's Tower (map)
Stormhaven Fisherman's Island at the top of the tower (map)
South-southeast of At-Tura Estate, on the small peninsula (map)
Northwest of Pariah Abbey (map)
On the shore near the Ancient Altar, just across the water from Bangkorai Bridge (map)
Rivenspire Just past the gate from Stormhaven, on the east side, northeast of the Oldgate Wayshrine (map)
On the island north of the crafting station of Veawend Ede (map)
Just off the road between Hoarfrost Downs and Moira's Hope (map)
On the coast directly east of Dorell Farmhouse (map)
Alik'r Desert Easterly Aerie, west of the Kulati Mines Wayshrine (map)
Above the entrance to Sandblown Mine (map)
At a tower just northwest of Hollow Waste Dolmen, south of Forsaken Hearts Cave (map)
Bangkorai Silaseli Ruins, north at the shore (map)
Just south of Old Tower (map)
At Sacred Springs (map)
Between the walls of the Bangkorai Garrison and Arlimahera's Sanctum. (map)
Ebonheart Pact
Bal Foyen Plantation Point Overlook (map)
North of the Fort Zeren wayshrine, outside of the Fort (map)
Stonefalls Behind the rocks to the right of the stairs leading to Bal Foyen (map)
Just west of Armature's Upheaval (map)
At Steamlake Encampment (map)
Just south of Matron's Clutch on the shore (map)
Deshaan East of Berezan's Mine, west of Mzithumz (map)
Across the river southwest of Dire Bramblepatch (map)
On the dock of Smuggler's Slip (map)
On the dock of Coiled Path Landing (map)
Shadowfen Under a tree on the northern coast, between Telvanni Acquisition Camp and Shrine of the Black Maw) (map)
South of The Graceful Dominator on the southern coast of the peninsula (map)
Southwest of Tsonashap Mine (map)
Up the hill southwest of the Serpent Stone (map)
Eastmarch Northeast of Windhelm at the coast. Next to the mammoth/chest area at the shore (map)
Between Cragwallow and Thulvald's Logging Camp (map)
Southern Eastmarch, south of Hermit's Hideout, east of Dragon's Hallow (map)
The Rift Near The Apprentice stone (map)
Between the water and a broken wall at the northwest edge of Faldar's Tooth (map)
Just north of Smokefrost Vigil, at a dragon mound (map)
On the south side of Smokefrost Vigil, behind a stone wall (map)
Coldharbour About halfway between the Village of the Lost and the waterfall flowing into the lake to the east, under a large tree. (map)
Down the cliffs NNE of the Grotto of Depravity, halfway to the Mages Guildhall. (map)
NE of the Risen Court world boss against the cliffs. (map)