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ON-icon-head-Black Wolf.png Monstrous Component Collector
Type Collectibles Achievements
Points 10
Dye Trolls Fur BrownTrolls Fur Brown
Collect trophies from all the monstrous creatures of Tamriel.

Monstrous Component Collector is awarded for finding trophies from all of the monstrous creatures. These items have a small chance of dropping any time you fight such creatures.

There are 7 items required for this achievement:

Item Drops from: Location Chance
Werewolf's Cameo Arienne Kerbol Bangkorai 20.0%
Camlorn Refugee Aldcroft 2.2%
Werewolf Argent Mine 0.2%
Glenumbra 0.3%
Hircine's Haunt 4.6%
Silumm 1.0%
Weeping Wind Cave 1.7%
Nose Shackle Ogrim Ashalmawia 1.3%
Ashurnibibi 0.7%
Bangkorai 1.9%
Coldharbour 0.4%
Obsidian Scar 0.1%
Sanguine's Demesne 0.2%
Skeletal Torturer Vaults of Madness 0.4%
Troll Skull Frost Troll Grahtwood 1.3%
Troll Exarch's Stronghold 2.4%
Troll's Toothpick 0.7%
Vvardenfell 4.8%
Wrothgar 1.1%
Ogre Toe Ring Bonesnap Witch Bonesnap Ruins 0.6%
Ogre Bonesnap Ruins 0.9%
Ogre Brute Maw of Lorkhaj 0.5%
Ogre Shaman Maw of Lorkhaj 0.5%
Stony Heart Gargoyle The Shadow Cleft 1.8%
Second Skin Lamia Arx Corinium 0.2%/0.9%
Loriasel 3.2%
Sea Cave 1.6%
Tempest Island 0.4%
Lamia Curare Arx Corinium 0.2%/0.4%
Tempest Island 0.9%
The Underroot 2.6%
Flawless Tail Feather Harpy Alik'r Desert 0.5%
Blackheart Haven 0.6%
Glenumbra 0.5%
Hircine's Hunting Grounds 0.4%/3.2%
Ilessan Tower 0.4%
The Howling Sepulchers 2.2%