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ON-icon-head-Plant.png Nature Slayer
Type Character Achievements
Points 15
Needed for Master Monster Slayer
Dye Hunter Green
Kill a variety of natural creatures in the wilds of Tamriel and beyond.

Nature Slayer is awarded for killing natural creatures.

The achievement is divided into 7 criteria:

Criteria Num.
Kill Beasts 500 Includes Bears, Jackals, Lions, Senche, Skeevers, Wolves, etc.
Kill Insect-like Creatures 500 Includes Assassin Beetles, Giant Spiders, Giant Wasps, Kwama, Scorpions, Shalk, Thunderbugs, etc.
Kill Lizard-like Creatures 500 Includes Alits, Crocodiles, Duneracers, Giant Snakes, Guars, Kagoutis, etc.
Kill Plant-like Creatures 200 Includes Lurchers, Spriggans, Stranglers, etc.
Kill Water-based Creatures 100 Includes Nereids, Wisps, Wispmothers, etc. Also includes Wisps spawned by Wispmothers during combat.
Kill Chitinous Creatures 500 Includes Dreugh, Mudcrabs, etc.
Kill Netches 50 Includes Betty Netches and Bull Netches.