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Bloodfall Kingdom
Type Settlement
Continent Tamriel
Province Cyrodiil
Region Unknown
Appears in Blades
Banner of the Bloodfall Kingdom

The Bloodfall Kingdom is a petty kingdom and a vassal of the Empire in Cyrodiil ruled by the gro-Batul family. By 4E 180, it had existed for at least three generations.[1] The Kingdom was founded by Durak gro-Batul, the first Bloodfall King.[2] King Durak was a very respected figure in the region.[3] His son, Bazul gro-Batul, took over as regent in his stead when Durak went off to serve in the Great War. Bazul was not a popular ruler: executions for petty crimes became commonplace, and he was feared by many. When his father learned of this, he disinherited Bazul, and his granddaughter, Urzoga gra-Batul, was named as his successor. Urzoga, who was considered a far better alternative to Bazul, became the Queen when her grandfather died, six months after the Great War ended.[4]


A forest in Bloodfall
A statue dedicated to the first Bloodfall King

In the Fourth Era, a portion of Cyrodiil was under the direct control of the Bloodfall Kingdom.[1] The town of Rivercrest[5] fell under its jurisdiction. Queen Urzoga had to rely on mercenaries to defend the kingdom, as many of its actual soldiers died alongside her grandfather during the Great War.[6] These mercenaries were hired to defend the Kingdom against bandits and other threats, and because of the expense, the Queen couldn't afford to have towns skipping out on paying their taxes.[6] These mercenaries would be sent to collect the taxes, and against the Blood Queen's wishes, razed the town and destroyed a statue of the town's founder. This unleashed a powerful lich whose goal was to destroy the entire world.[6] The Warrior aided the Queen by protecting her kingdom from bandits, Goblins, and other threats.[7]

Graveyard in Bloodfall
A town in Bloodfall

Uzorga was still ruling Bloodfall by 4E 201, when remnants of the Greencap Bandits, led by Uzorga's son Urzog, stole the Headman's Cleaver, a family heirloom of great value to the kingdom.[8][9] Urzog had plans to murder his younger brother Shogarz gro-Batul, who had been named the heir to the Bloodfall throne.[10] The Bloodfall Queen, angry at the theft, would send Shogarz to get revenge on the bandits.[8] Shogarz would also come to Skyrim to confront his older brother, who he had long suspected was the Darkwater Snake.[11] Shogarz would send out a letter to capable warriors in case he didn't make it. The Last Dragonborn received the letter and went to Lost Knife Hideout, discovering that Shogarz was captured and killed. The Dragonborn successfully confronted the Greencap Bandits and Urzog, retrieving the Headsman's Cleaver as a reward. With both of Urzoga's sons, Shogarz and Urzog, now dead, it is unknown what will become of Bloodfall, as the kingdom is left with no heirs.[12]


Durak gro-Batul
Bazul gro-Batul (River Snake)
Urzoga gra-Batul
Urzog gro-Batul (Darkwater Snake)
Shogarz gro-Batul

Notable Places[edit]

The town of Rivercrest
The Old Arena
  • Brold's Tower - An Ayleid tower used by the wizard Brold.
  • Blackridge - A village that was abandoned in 4E 170.
  • Bloodfall Woods - A forest.
  • Deadbrook Hollow - An Imperial fort. It was occupied by the Greencap Bandits in 4E 180, however, the Warrior cleared them out.
  • Drachurst Keep - A haunted Imperial fort, located a day south of Rivercrest.
  • Fort Cassynder - An Imperial fort named after Emperor Cassynder.
  • Highwinter Castle - An abandoned Imperial fort.
  • Hangman's Wood - A forest rumored to be haunted.
  • Rivercrest - An Imperial town founded in the First Era over Ayleid ruins.
  • The Old Arena - An arena outside the town of Rivercrest.
  • Woodhaven Forest - A forest west of Rivercrest, known to be used by woodcutters of Rivercrest.[13]
  • Woodhope Keep - Imperial keep.



  • The Bloodfall Kingdom neighbors the kingdom of Odar.[5]


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