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Urzoga gra-Batul
Location Bloodfall Queen's Castleis there an official/formal name?, Town
Race Orc
Gender Female
Urzoga gra-Batul
The Bloodfall Queen

Urzoga gra-Batul, also known as the Bloodfall Queen, is the current ruler of the small kingdom where Town is located.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

The Bloodfall Queen[edit]

When first approached and spoken to:

"So, you're the one they call <name>? The one who's been killing all my men?"
Your men aren't worth the coin you paid for them.
"They are the best I could find. Admittedly, that's not saying much. That still doesn't give you the right to kill them."
Nor them the right to burn down my town.
Yes, I am.
"You admit to your crimes, then?"
You can add "regicide" to the list!/I only acted in my defense, and that of my town.
"So, you say you're from here. How is it that we've never met?"
Your grandfather was still king when I left.
"I see. Well, my grandfather could count on loyal soldiers to defend his realm.
Most of them died with him during the Great War, fighting for an Empire that has never given much of a damn about us.
I am forced to rely on mercenaries who are willing to work for a pittance, which is all I can afford.
With these, I have to defend the realm against the constant attacks from the Greencap Bandits.
And now, it seems we also need to fight goblins and the undead. All of that costs money…a lot of money.
When a town doesn't pay, I must act. That said, the fire was a complete accident. I never told anyone to break the statue.
For that, I am truly sorry."
I'll help you deal with your foes.
"Thank you, <name>. Wanum here will accompany you back to your town and serve as my emissary. You must have more questions for me…"


I accept your apology.
"Given the circumstances, I'll overlook your crimes of violence against my men…"
Thank you.
"Don't thank me yet. I will still need your help against my enemies. Wanum here will be my emissary."


You don't say…
"In exchange, I expect you to help me against my enemies. Wanum here will serve as my emissary. You must have more questions for me…"

You can then ask her questions:

Did your men find anything in that statue?
"My men brought back some enchanted stones and an ancient scroll, which they found inside the destroyed statue.
Do you think the undead might be after these artifacts? Should we get rid of them?
No, let's see if they come back first.
When did the undead attack start?
"Right after the raid on your town…do you think there is a link?"
Something got out when the statue was destroyed.
Tell me more about those bandits.
"The Greencaps were always a thorn in my grandfather's side, but lately they've become even more aggressive."
Any idea where their base is?
"If we did, there would be no problem. Maybe you can discover where they hide."
Tell me more about those goblins.
"There's been an increase in Goblin attacks over the past few months…could be due to a harsh winter, or overpopulation. Hard to tell.
There is an imperial envoy in your town. Gaius Platorius. He can tell you more about them."

What happened to your father?

"I do not speak of him. Never mention him again."
Okay, I won't.
Nothing more for now.
"Keep Wanum up to date with any new information. He will relay it to me. Take care, <name>. We'll meet again, Warrior."

The Missing Scroll[edit]

"Ah, my favorite new subject. Did you run into more undead on your way here?"
Worse than that: necromancers.
"Death mages have been outlawed for centuries! I will not tolerate their presence in my realm now!"
They're after the scroll your men took.
I'm not your subject.
"As a citizen of my realm, you are my subject whether you like it or not."
Fine. Do you still have that scroll?
"The scroll that was inside of that statue? So, there really *was* something special about it, then? Unfortunately someone stole it from us. What's so special about it?"
We believe it's an Elder Scroll.
"An Elder Scroll? Are you sure?
I wish you had told me before our mage left yesterday to go after the thieves. I haven't heard from him since, and now fear the worst.
These necromancers must be responsible for the recent plague of undead. Could they use this scroll to cause even more mayhem?"
There's no telling what they could do with it.
"I'll send word for you if my mage comes back with any information. Thank you for your services, Warrior."

In the Queen's Service[edit]

When first spoken to in the forest:

"Ah, Warrior! I am glad you heeded my call. I have a mission that is perfectly suited to your particular set of skills."
What do you need me to do?
"We have reason to believe the Greencap Bandits are meeting with goblins in a nearby camp to coordinate their actions. I need reconnaissance done to confirm this is the case. Can you do this for me?"
Of course.
"Good. The camp is not far from here; report to me once you have any information. Stay safe, Warrior."

If spoken to again:

"We need to be absolutely sure about this."

She is later met further into the forest:

"Warrior, I'm glad you're okay. Did you see anything?"
Your suspicions were correct.
"I knew it! We will have to deal with these accursed Greencaps once and for all! Thank you, Warrior, I will call for you when the time comes."

If spoken to again:

"You can go now. I'll call on you soon."

Raid on the Bandits' Base[edit]

When spoken to after defeating the bandits and mercenaries:

"Thank the Divines you showed up when you did, Warrior. We'd have been done for otherwise. I killed many of them, but they just kept coming..."
What happened?
"We were ambushed... which means they knew we were coming."
Someone must have tipped them off.
"That may be... I will contact you about this very soon, <PlayerName>. For now, go home and get some rest. You deserve it."

If spoken to again:

"Go back to your town, Warrior. I will contact you soon."

High Treason[edit]

When first spoken to in her castle:

"Ah, Warrior. I didn't expect you so soon. How goes your quest?"
I have some... troubling news.
"It is not like you to hold out like this. Speak freely."
There is a traitor in your midst.
"A traitor? Who would dare to betray me?"
Your mage is a necromancer.
"Edrien?! Edrien, what do you have to say to this accusation?"

Once Edrien is dealt with:

"Thank you, Warrior. Once again, I am indebted to you. This traitor will tell us everything, don't worry. I will keep you informed of what I learn from him."
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