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King Odar
CT-scene-Odar the Brave.png
King Odar
Race Nord Gender Male
Appears in Castles

Odar the Brave was a Nord king of unspecified origin, who was renowned for defeating an army of Ogres, led by an Ogre king,[1] who plagued his land before being raised to kingship.[2]


Odar defeating the Ogres

Odar the Brave was a Nordic adventurer who courageously defeated the army of an Ogre king that plagued his land.[2][1] For this momentous act, Odar was made the ruler of a small kingdom by the current Emperor of Cyrodiil, and founded his own dynasty, leaving adventuring behind.[2] His kingdom neighbored the Bloodfall Kingdom in Cyrodiil, as well as several goblin settlements and Ayleid ruins.[1]

After serving as king for a time, at the age of 30, Odar was eventually killed by an Argonian assassin, his successive heir was selected from his Breton warrior spouse, Queen Ysabel of Camlorn, his Khajiit mistress, Alassi, his direct heir, Jofarr, or the heroic Redguard champion, Rahim al-Elinhir, whom was Jofarr's cousin and Odar had mentored. It is ultimately uncertain who was selected to carry on Odar's dynasty.[2]



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