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Junius the Elder
Location Town
Race Imperial
Gender Male
Junius the Elder

Junius the Elder is an Imperial and the town elder.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]


The Bloodfall Queen[edit]


Once you return:

"So, did you talk to the Queen? How did it go?"
We made a deal.
"You did? What did you offer her?"
My help fighting her enemies.
"Well done, <name>. I knew you'd settle the matter.
We can all breath a little easier now that you've convinced the Queen to back off.

The Justiciar Cometh[edit]

"So, you spoke with the Thalmor? It could be worse… We'll just cooperate, and they'll move on."

The Forbidden Divine[edit]

"Is something troubling you?"
That Thalmor want to arrest adepts of Talos in town.
"What? Can't they just leave people be?"
They don't seem to think so.
"Curse those fiends! Curse them all to Oblivion.
You need to warn the villagers before they're caught."
Do you know where to find them?
"I truly wish I did."

If spoken to again:

"You have to warn those worshippers before the Thalmor reach them."

The Freedom to Believe[edit]

"Were you able to warn the Talos worshippers in time?"
I did.
"Praise the divines! Don't worry, I won't tell the Thalmor!"


"Say, you look very familiar. Aren't you... um... oh, It's on the tip of my tongue!"

(Racial Options Screen)

I'm (PCName)
"But of course! You're little (PCName)!"
"It's been so long, some where [sic] convinced you were dead..."
I joined the Imperial Legion
"With all this fighting, I imagine you must have been some terrible things."
Seen some. Done even worse.
It's all in the past now.
"You're right. We must focus on the future if we are to move past this."
I went out looking for adventure.
"I wish I had done so when I had the chance…
Now all I have is this town…or what's left of it.
In any case, it's good that you are back. We need you."
"I'm sure you have lots of questions for old Junius."
What happened here?
"The Bloodfall Queen sent mercenaries to collect taxes from the townsfolk.
Things escalated, and one of the men smashed the ancient statue of the town's founder.
At that point all Oblivion broke loose…
We heard thunder, though the sky was clear, and green fire erupted from where the statue stood.
The flames spread uncontrollably, and most of the town was destroyed. My heart aches at what little is left."
The Bloodfall Queen?
"Since she inherited her grandfather's throne years ago, we've had nothing but trouble from her.
A few people fled town when the Queen's men first arrived.
Others stayed, but were captured by the Mercenaries, or were killed.
Rumor has it some townsfolk took refuge in the abandoned Highwater Castle.

Goblins have been seen in that area. I fear our people may have been made prisoner, or worse…"

Who is the Bloodfall Queen?
"Urzoga gra-Batul. Shes the Imperial vassal who rules over our small portion of the realm.
Please. You may be the only one here with any chance of bringing our people home."
I'll bring them back.


I'm only one person.
"That is true. But if you don't go... who will?"

Once The Bloodfall Queen has been completed:

Let's talk about the Bloodfall Queen.
"Queen Urzoga? What did you want to know?"
What's the story with her father?
"The king kept trying to groom him for the throne, but that didn't go well."
What happened?
"The Bloodfall King named him as regent when he left for the Great War."
That sounds like a bad idea.
"It was. Bazul gro-Batul was a fearsome warrior, but a terrible ruler.
Summary executions became commonplace, even for petty crimes! The people were terrified of him!
When the king returned he was so furious he disinherited Bazul and named Urzoga as his successor."
I assume Bazul wasn't happy with that…
"He wasn't. His daughter had become his rival. He must have felt humiliated.
He's tried to assassinate her at least once. As bad as the Queen may be, she's still a much better alternative."
How long has she been queen?
"Let's see…the Great War ended five years ago, and the Bloodfall King died about six months after returning, so…
His granddaughter has been sitting on the throne for four years now… And bleeding us dry ever since.
I guess things could be worse… Her father could be sitting on the throne!"
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