Blades:Wrath of the Sorcerer-King

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Main Questline
Face the Sorcerer-King in battle.
Rarity: Legendary
Quest Giver: Saashi
Location(s): Arena
Prerequisite Quest: The Founder's Statue, The Ghost's Tale, The Five Stones, The Ayleid Crown
Reward(s): Legendary Chest, The Lich's Defeat
Prestige: +115
XP: 8300
ID: MQ25
Recommended Level: Player Level 36
Celemaril awaits you in the Arena
We have all we need to perform the ritual... now we wait for the Lich to show up.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Speak to Saashi.
  2. Defeat Celemaril, The Sorcerer-King.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Once you have restored the Town's Founder's Statue and placed the five Varla Stones within it, you will have everything you need to repeat the ancient binding ritual and stop the mad Sorcerer-King. As it transpires, you completed this not a moment too soon, as the Sorcerer-King immediately launches an attack on the Town. Speak to Saashi, who will inform you that hordes of undead are amassing near the Arena north of town. You must agree to go there and face the Sorcerer-King:

"It is happening! The Sorcerer-King is coming! Hordes of undead are amassing near the Arena north of town! Saashi will be ready to begin the ritual as soon as you defeat the Sorcerer-King!"
It's on!
"Send those demons back to Oblivion, Warrior!"

You will arrive at a grand Imperial-style Arena. Celemaril, The Sorcerer-King will emerge during a cutscene, delivering a short monologue:

"You cannot stop me, [Player name]... I will reign once again, and the world will be set aflame! Your loved ones will die, your cities will fall to dust... And I will feast upon your soul!"

At the end of this, you will be placed directly into single combat, so be prepared. Celemaril is a Lich, so he is weak to Slashing and Fire damage. He does a significant amount of damage with each attack, so it is advisable to ensure your resistances are high.

Once he is defeated, Celemaril will fall to the ground dead, allowing you to hand in the quest and receive your rewards. Congratulations! You have completed the Main Quest and bound the Sorcerer-King.

Returning to Town[edit]

Upon arriving back in Town, most NPCs will have new dialogue talking about the apparent undead attack which took place while you were fighting. In particular, you can return to the Founder's Statue to talk to Junius the Elder and Saashi for their heartfelt thanks.


Saashi will say:

"You've done it! This one still can't believe this is really happening. Although these eyes have seen the ruins, the undead, the glow of magic in the arena... it is surreal. This used to be a quiet town with nothing but a mysterious statue to distinguish us."
What's next for you?
"An account must be made of what has passed. Never has this one had something so important to record."
Couldn't have done it without you.
"Saashi is glad she could be of help, <PlayerName>."
No "Thank you"?
"Oh, yes, thank you for saving us. From the lich. Of course."

All three of the replies lead to:

"Perhaps things will return to normal now... though it somehow feels like they won't. We did it! The Sorcerer-King has been defeated and bound, for a couple more millennia at least!"
And then...?
"And then... He will be someone else's problem. Let future heroes deal with it! I think we have earned the right to rest a little, don't you think?"
I suppose so.
"Glad to hear you say it!"

Depending on which quests are left to complete you can also say:

If you have yet to complete the Greencaps questline:

We have to help rid the area of the Greencaps.
"Yes... What would our glorious Queen do without her champion, Saashi wonders..."

If you have yet to get rid of the Thalmor:

Those Thalmor are still nosing around town.
"Do you think they found out about you?"
Probably not, only you and Henrik know.
"Well, let us hope they leave soon..."

If you have yet to get rid of the goblins:

We still have goblins to worry about.
"Come, now. There will *always* be goblins to worry about. Wipe them out, and still they would return..."

Junius the Elder[edit]

Once you return after defeating the Sorcerer-King:

"I can't believe you really did it!"
You had doubts?
"I meant no disrespect. When an ancient, powerful evil threatens your town, you tend to expect the worst."
I'm surprised, too.
"You did well to overcome your fear. You are a wonderful hero."
Just doing my part.
"No need for humility. Not today, anyway."

Any of the options will lead to:

"What will you do, now that it's over?"
Search for another threat.
"There's always a shadow on the horizon, as they say. Just wait here. I'm sure trouble will find you soon enough!"
The town still needs fixing.
"Indeed! We will be very glad to have your help in that matter."
Spend time in the Arena.
"Once a fighter, always a fighter. I never understood the desire to swing weapons at your comrades for sport. Nonetheless, I wish you luck."
Explore the Abyss.
"The what? Not sure I understand, but okay!"

All options will lead to:

"I only hope life can return to normal now that this plague of undead is finally over."


  • Celemaril, The Sorcerer-King


  • Bind the Ayleid Lich forever