Blades:Rescuing the Townsfolk

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Main Quest
Help rescue the townsfolk from goblins.
Quest Giver: Junius the Elder
Location(s): Town, Highwinter Castle
Next Quest: Rebuilding the Town Hall
Reward(s): 00000110110Lumber, 00000600600Gold
XP: (?)
ID: MQ03
Recommended Level: Player Level 1
BL-icon-Secret.png Secret Areas: 1
Two townsfolk have been locked in cages
I must rescue the villagers being held by the goblins in the abandoned Highwinter Castle.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Fight the Thalmor Agent.
  2. Make your way into Town.
  3. Free the townsfolk.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

The game begins with a narrated cutscene panning across a Blades Sword in darkness. "For centuries, the Blades protected the Dragonborn Emperors. An elite group of fighters, they commanded fear and respect. But the Great War against the Elves ravaged the Empire..." Flames spread in the darkness. "The Emperor was forced to sign a costly peace treaty. The Blades were outlawed and disbanded. The Thalmor hunted them down throughout the Empire..." You will be armed with an Iron Longsword. Defeat the Thalmor Agent that emerges from the flames.

You will then find yourself in a forest. Continue through it. You will be able to see a burning town in the distance. A Mercenary stops you, stating, "Bloodfall Queen's business only." At this point, you will also be armed with an Iron Shield and the ability to block. Defeat him and the other Mercenary. The second will surrender. He will explain that the town refused to pay taxes, but that the fire must have been an accident. Continue through the forest until a cinematic plays that shows the town burning.

The cinematic leaves you in a conversation with Junius the Elder in the razed town. "Say, you look very familiar. Aren't you... um... oh, it's on the tip of my tongue!" You will need to create and name your character. Junius will remember your name and greet you, implying that he knew your character when they were little and that the town had assumed you dead after a such a long leave. Junius explains that the mercenaries smashed the ancient statue of the town's founder and a magical fire poured out. He will ask you to bring home some townfolk that took refuge in Highwinter Castle, giving you 5 Potions of Minor Healing to aid you.

Upon embarking on the quest, you will be transported to Highwinter Castle. You will gain access to Clairvoyance, a magical wisp of light that guides you to your quest objectives. Continue past the skeever, through the door, and past the Goblin Skirmisher. When freeing Sabina Clovia, she will tell you that Lond, the town blacksmith, is imprisoned. Continue past the door and through the fort, defeating any skeevers and goblin skirmishers. Exploring beyond the path of Clairvoyance may lead you to discover the secret in the area, as well as finding more loot in general. Defeat the Goblin Berserker and rescue Lond. At this point, you will receive your rewards. You may choose to leave immediately or continue exploring until you are ready to leave.

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