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This article is about the Quest. For the Job that can have the same name, see (Item) Run.

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Main Quest
Gather wood and free the woodcutters.
Quest Giver: Junius the Elder, Lond
Location(s): Woodhaven Forest
Concurrent Quest: Rebuilding the Smithy
Reward(s): Silver Chest , 00000145145Lumber, 00000250250Gold, Unlocks Challenges
XP: 105
ID: MQ05
Prerequisites: Rebuilding the Town Hall, Meet the Old Blademaster
Recommended Level: Player Level 1
BL-icon-Secret.png Secret Areas: 1
I need to get more lumber from Woodhaven Forest, just west of town.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Find the woodcutters.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Junius will instruct you to look for Varro Matius and Jena Matius. When you embark on the quest, you will find yourself in Woodhaven Forest. Continue through the forest, defeating any Wolves and Spriggans that may attack you. You will eventually find Varro, who will tell you that the Spriggans usually leave them alone and that his wife is still out there. He will give you an Iron War Axe to help defeat Spriggans. The next Spriggan you encounter will unlock enemy weaknesses. Continue until you find Jena, who will thank you and offer you their wood. You will receive your rewards.

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