Blades:Celemaril, The Sorcerer-King

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Celemaril, The Sorcerer-King
(lore page)
Location Drachurst Keep, Town Arena
Race Lich
Gender Male
Celemaril, The Sorcerer-King

Celemaril Light-Bringer is a powerful Ayleid lich who serves as the main antagonist of the Main Quest. A Sorcerer-King of the ancient Ayleid Empire, Celemaril was sealed within the Abyss due to his desire to destroy the world. However, with the destruction of the Town's Founder's Statue and the loss of its Elder Scroll, Celemaril's bindings have come loose and he now threatens to doom all of Tamriel.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

The Haunted Forest[edit]

Celemaril will not surrender the Elder Scroll without a fight

After learning of the Sorcerer-King's location from Arven Dalas, you must journey to Drachurst Keep in order to retrieve the Elder Scroll that was stolen from the Bloodfall Queen. After making your way through Celemaril's lair, dealing with monsters and minions alike, you must defeat the infamous Sorcerer-King in order to retrieve the Elder Scroll necessary to ensure his ultimate demise. Upon being defeated, Celemaril will vanish, allowing you to reclaim the Elder Scroll.

Wrath of the Sorcerer King[edit]

After you have crafted the Founder's Statue and placed the five Varla Stones within it, you will have finally completed the preparations for your plan to seal Celemaril away for eternity. In accordance with your plan, the Sorcerer-King himself launches an attack on the Town and you will have to face him in the Arena north of Town. Before engaging you in single combat, Celemaril taunts you, declaring, "You cannot stop me, [Player name]... I will reign once again, and the world will be set aflame! Your loved ones will die, your cities will fall to dust... And I will feast upon your soul!"

After you have defeated Celemaril, the ancient Sorcerer-King's twisted form crumples to the ground, never to rise again.