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The Pack uses a tattered version of the Silver Dawn banner as their symbol

The Moon Hunter Pack is a massive group of werewolves answering to Vykosa the Ascendant. They are found in Moon Hunter Keep, a former Silver Dawn fortress that they ransacked. A contingent of the pack is also found in the Nightlands of the March of Sacrifices, assisting Balorgh in the Great Hunt.


Moon Hunter Keep
Vykosa the Ascendant (leader)
Archivist Ernarde
Jailer Melitus
Mylenne Moon-Caller
Hedge Maze Guardian
Accursed Werewolves
Moon Hunter Cleaver
Moon Hunter Archer
Moon Hunter Striker
Moon Hunter Feral
Shock Wardens
Vicious Dire Wolves
Werewolf Behemoths
Werewolf Berserkers
Werewolf Bloodcallers
Wildbriar Bears
Wildbriar Senche
March of Sacrifices
Dreyen Gilvani
Ronela Giroux
Moon Hunter Archer
Moon Hunter Brawler
Moon Hunter Caster
Vicious Dire Wolves
Werewolf Brutes



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