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Jailer Melitus
Location Moon Hunter Keep
Race Imperial Gender Male
Health Normal1473488Veteran2460134 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile
Friendly (initially, when speaking to Adonatus)
Other Information
Faction(s) Moon Hunter Pack
Condition Man-Beast
Jailer Melitus

Jailer Melitus is an Imperial man-beast and the first boss of Moon Hunter Keep.

Related Quests[edit]

Skills and Abilities[edit]

Moonlit Rage
A large aoe spreads out from under the boss, dealing moderate magic damage.
Bloodmoon's Mercy
Four smaller bloody aoes are sent careening in four different directions away from the boss after the large aoe finishes expanding. This deals moderate magic damage if you stand in it. This is "part two" of Moonlit Rage.
Bloody Geyser
The boss spawns blood geysers that spread around each person in the group, and will apply a damage over time that will also slow you. Avoid your party members so your blood doesn't overlap and do more damage, and roll dodge away if you have to. Weave, serpentine maneuver, whatever helps you to stay out of the expanding pools of blood.
Physical attack.
Bloody Cleave
Physical attack.
Bloody Execution
Melitus stuns one target and can instantly kill them with the swing of his sword. This ability needs to be bashed by someone in the group. He lifts the sword up and brings it down very slowly, so you should have time to see it and bash it. This will obliterate even the best tanks on veteran difficulty, so bash the boss. On normal, this may not kill the tank; it depends on how high your tank's health and resistances are.

Quest-Related Events[edit]

As you enter the dungeon, you'll hear him taunting Adonatus Varian:

Jailer Melitus: "Oh, come now. Where's that Silver Dawn valor gone off to?"
Jailer Melitus: "Make sure this one doesn't go running off, you hear? I'm not done with him yet."

Idling before battle:

Jailer Melitus: "Vykosa never does mind if I eat a prisoner or two."
Jailer Melitus: "How do you taste, I wonder? I bet you're all delicious."
Jailer Melitus: "Oh good. I was just starting to feel peckish!"
Jailer Melitus: "Trying to escape? You'll have to get through me first."
Jailer Melitus: "Got out of your cell, huh? Well, don't expect me to just put you back!"
Jailer Melitus: "I'm sure Vykosa wouldn't mind if I killed just a few of you, eh?"
Jailer Melitus: "No one leaves his prison. At least, no one leaves alive."

Entering battle:

Jailer Melitus: "I'll show you why I'm the one who runs this prison!"
Jailer Melitus: "Count yourselves lucky! Your deaths will be quick."
Jailer Melitus: "It is time to face your execution!"
Jailer Melitus: "Your heads shall make fine trophies!"
Jailer Melitus: "I'll offer Vykosa your heads!"

When the prisoners are released:

Jailer Melitus: "Guards! Empty the cells!"
Jailer Melitus: "Let's give our prisoners a feast!"
Jailer Melitus: "Open the cell doors! It's time to feed the prisoners."
Jailer Melitus: "Release the prisoners! I'm sure they're hungry."

Casting Bloody Execution:

Jailer Melitus: "In this prison, I'm both judge and executioner!"

Group wipe:

Jailer Melitus: "Looks like I'll have a lovely meal tonight!"
Jailer Melitus: "You all should have stayed in your cells."
Jailer Melitus: "Don't worry. I'll make sure your corpses don't go to waste."
Jailer Melitus: "I'm sure my guards will appreciate some fresh meat!"