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Mylenne Moon-Caller
Location Moon Hunter Bailey, Moon Hunter Keep
Species Werewolf
Health Normal2210231Veteran(?) Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile
Other Information
Faction(s) Moon Hunter Pack
Condition Werewolf
Mylenne Moon-Caller

Mylenne Moon-Caller is a white werewolf of the Moon Hunter Pack, found in Moon Hunter Keep's Bailey. She has killed all that have challenged her, and only Vykosa holds more power. Mylenne remains utterly loyal to her alpha.

Related Quests[edit]

Skills and Abilities[edit]

Summon Dire Wolves
Throughout the fight, Mylenne will call dire wolves. When she summons Direwolves, she will face one party member and roar. Whoever she targets will have a red aura around their head, and the Direwolves will target that player. The direwolves deal out a stacking slow for crowd control, so stay away from the wolves if you're targeted and dps them down quickly. This is indicated by an audio cue.
Summon Shock Wardens
Shock Wardens will join the fight. This is indicated by an audio cue.
Enrage Mechanic
When she is prodded by the Shock Wardens' lightning, she becomes enraged, and takes on the appearance of being covered in glowing red blood. She must be pulled over to a residual pool of lightning left by a Shock Warden's death in order to cleanse her rage.
Charging Leap
Mylenne will occasionally pounce on a group member. She will then channel a heavy attack that needs to be bashed, or else whoever she landed on will be killed instantly. When she pounces, she can knock over people who are close to her target and kill them as well, so stay close to each other for convenient bashing... but not too close.
Rending Leap
Mylenne jumps and rains clawed fury down upon her target. Not the same as the above leap.
Gushing Wound
Heavy attack, deals physical damage.
Crimson Claw
Light attack, deals moderate physical damage.
Mylenne uses both hands to rip her target to pieces. Indicated by an audio cue.


After walking into the courtyard:

Vykosa the Ascendant: "Was Vykosa not told the intruders would be dealt with? Must she handle everything herself?"
Mylenne Moon-Caller: "They shall not intrude much longer, my mistress. I swear it."

Mylenne will then jump down to confront you.

Combat Dialogue[edit]

Idling before the fight
"Too afraid to face my claws?"
"You dare strike against the Moon Hunter Pack? Idiots!"
"Be thankful I'm your executioner. Vykosa is far less quick!"
"Moon Hunter Keep is ours by blood right!"
"My pack hungers, adventurers. And your flesh shall feed them!"
"I hope you put up a better fight than the Silver Dawn did!"
Engaging Mylenne
"I shall relish the taste of your flesh!"
"My pack shall feast upon your corpses!"
Claw heavy attack
"I'll rip you to pieces!"
"My claws will tear you to shreds!"'
"My claws will run red with your blood!"
"I'll rend your flesh and feast upon the meat!"
Calling Dire Wolves
"Quickly! Strike down that one!"
"Rip that one apart first!"
"That one shall start our feast!"
"Feast upon that one first!"
Calling Shock Wardens
"Show yourself, you curs! We must defend this keep!"
"Come, my packmates! Feast upon these intruders!"
"To me, you curs! We mustn't fail Vykosa!"
"Come out, my pack! Defend this keep!"
Party Wipe
"Vykosa shall be pleased."
"You were destined for death the moment you stepped into this keep."
Re-engaging Mylenne after defeat
Mylenne Moon-Caller: "Your corpses shall be a fine tribute for Vykosa!"