Online: Moon Hunter Keep Challenger

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ON-icon-achievement-Moon Hunter Keep Challenger.png Moon Hunter Keep Challenger
Type Wolfhunter Achievements
Points 50
Skin Sable Man-Beast Skin
Complete the listed achievements for Veteran Moon Hunter Keep.

Moon Hunter Keep Challenger is awarded for completing the four listed achievements in Veteran Moon Hunter Keep. You will receive the Sable Man-Beast skin for your reward. It is possible, though extraordinarily difficult, to complete all four of these on a single run. Doing so will additionally earn you the Pure Lunacy achievement.

  • Moon Hunter Keep Conqueror - This one is redundant, as it is impossible to earn any of the other three without also getting this one.
  • The Alpha Predator - You must read the Scroll of Glorious Battle banner prior to the final battle - this will enrage her and make the battle much more difficult.
  • Head of the Pack - You must complete the dungeon without anyone in the party being killed.
  • Running with the Pack - You must defeat all of the bosses within 30 minutes.