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Archivist Ernarde
Location Moon Hunter Keep
Race Imperial Gender Male
Health Normal1683986Veteran3040000rounded Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile
Other Information
Faction(s) Silver Dawn (Former)
Moon Hunter Pack
Archivist Ernarde

Archivist Ernarde is an Imperial member of the Moon hunter Pack and the penultimate boss of Moon Hunter Keep, who can be found in the keep's extensive library. Originally, he was part of the Silver Dawn as their chief archivist and had come close to a cure for Lycanthropy, until Moon Hunter Keep was overrun and he was forcibly changed by Vykosa. He is now compelled to turn his talent towards the enhancement of werewolves, no matter how many of the pack die to the horrific experimentation for Vykosa's vision of a werewolf army.

Related Quests[edit]

  • ON-qico-Group Area.pngMoonlight Ascent: Explore an old Silver Dawn stronghold and deal with the werewolves controlling it.

Spells and Abilities[edit]

Magic Bubble Trap[edit]

Archivist Ernarde will cast a purple bubble around a random player. The bubble needs to be broken through damage, otherwise it will crush the target.

Werewolf Enhancement[edit]

Throughout the fight, Werewolf Behemoths will join in and Ernarde will enhance them. They should be dealt with quickly." verify

Targeted Lightning[edit]

Archivist Ernarde will choose a random player, and they will be the focus point of a lightning storm which is signified by a red circle outline which rapidly fills in.

Symbol Magic (Needs better name)[edit]

At certain points in the fight, Archivist Ernarde will announce that he is going to cast a powerful spell. Various circles marked colored magic symbols will appear around the room. These circles will emit a gold light randomly until the Archivist is ready to cast his spell. At this point, the players must run to a circle which is glowing golden which will shield them from his spell.


He can be found standing calmly on a dais at the opposite end to the library entrance. When you first enter he will say:

"I'll make sure to properly document this battle. After your defeat, of course."

If you stand around and not engage him, he will speak occasionally:

"I've heard you killed quite a few of my packmates. No matter. We can always rebuild."
"The Silver Dawn was foolish. Weak. Just like you."
"The Silver Dawn fell, but not I. I became something greater."
"You may have won against fang and fury, but my magic is stronger than you can imagine."
"You must be quite powerful to have made it this far. Pity I must kill you."

Combat Dialogue[edit]

Engaging him in combat
"You shall invade this keep no longer!"
Moon Hunter Allies
"You can cut down our pack, but more will follow!"
"Siblings, join me in the hunt!"
Werewolf Enhancement
"Here, you weak fool! Grow stronger with this!"
"I'll show you my pack's more bestial nature!"
"Too weak to fight. I'll just have to make you stronger."
"If magic won't do, how about fang and claw?"
Targeted lightning AoE
"You'll feel the sting of lightning's fury!"
"Lightning's might flows through me!"
"The power of lightning courses through me!"
"Feel lightning's wrath!"
Crushing Bubble
"I'll crush you in my trap!"
"You'll be crushed by magic's power!"
"Feel the crushing weight of my magic!"
Beginning Symbol Phase
"This spell shall put an end to you all!"
"This spell will put an end to you all!"
"I'll show you true magic!"
"It seems a more advanced spell is needed!"
Cycling through Seals
"Let's see … which one, which one?"
"Now then … which should I choose?"
"Which one shall I choose?"
Casting Seal of Xarxes
"The time has come to reveal my true might!"
"Now you shall face my true power!"
"Gaze upon true power! Gaze upon your deaths!"
Group Wipe
"A valiant effort, though useless none the less."
"Your corpses shall be useful for my next set of experiments."
"Have no worries. I shall use your corpses wisely."


  • According to research journal, he purposefully infected his commander's husband with lycanthropy so he could get permission to capture Vykosa to create his werewolf cure. Which suggests the fall of Moon Hunter Keep can be traced back to him.
  • His experiment log suggests he has been looking for a way to free himself from Vykosa's will and his latest subject may have the answer.