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ON-qico-Group Area.png Explore an old Silver Dawn stronghold and deal with the werewolves controlling it.
Zone: Reaper's March
Faction: Undaunted
Quest Giver: Adonatus Varian
Location(s): Moon Hunter Keep
Reward: Unidentified Moon Hunter Armaments
1 Skill Point
Very High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Very High Experience
ID: 6186
Group Group Size: 4
Adonatus Varian, member of the Silver Dawn, has tasked me with taking down the werewolf pack within Moon Hunter Keep. I'll need to work my way through the keep in order to reach the pack's leader, Vykosa.

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

  1. Explore the keep's jail and defeat Jailer Melitus.
  2. Navigate the hedge maze, and try to find Wolfsbane.
  3. Defeat the Hedge Maze Guardian to advance through the keep.
  4. Defeat Mylenne Moon-Caller and her packmates.
  5. Make your way through the keep, and find Belladonna berries.
  6. Defeat Archivist Ernarde and face Vykosa the Ascendant.
  7. Defeat Vykosa.
  8. Talk to Adonatus.

Detailed Walkthrough[edit]

Quest Stages[edit]

Moonlight Ascent
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
While Adonatus frees his fellow prisoners, I must keep the guards distracted. I should start making my way through the prison.
Objective: Explore the Moon Hunter Keep Jail
The head guard of the prison, Jailer Melitus, blocks my way into the keep. I should defeat him.
Objective: Kill Jailer Melitus
The keep's hedge maze lies ahead, a garden covered in all manner of dangerous creatures. I should make my way through the hedge maze in order to proceed into Moon Hunter Keep.
Objective: Explore Moon Hunter Keep
Optional Step: Find Wolfsbane
The Hedge Maze Guardian blocks my way. I should defeat it if I wish to proceed further into Moon Hunter Keep.
Objective: Kill the Hedge Maze Guardian
I've defeated the Hedge Maze Guardian. I should enter the Moon Hunter Bailey in order to make my way further in the keep.
Objective: Enter the Moon Hunter Bailey
Mylenne Moon-Caller, by order of Vykosa herself, has blocked my path. I should defeat this massive werewolf if I wish to proceed.
Objective: Kill Mylenne Moon-Caller
I've defeated Mylenne Moon-Caller in a harrowing battle. I must make my way within the confines of the keep if I'm to defeat Vykosa.
Objective: Explore the Moon Hunter Keep
Optional Step: Find Belladonna Berries
The Archivist wishes to stop me from getting to Vykosa. I should defeat him in order to move on.
Objective: Kill Archivist Ernarde
Vykosa awaits me atop the Moon Hunter Overlook. I should make my way to her.
Objective: Enter the Moon Hunter Overlook
I've finally come upon Vykosa, leader of the Moon Hunter Pack. I should defeat her.
Objective: Kill Vykosa the Ascendant
I've defeated Vykosa and saved Moon Hunter Keep from her vicious pack. I should speak to Adonatus Varian in order to receive my reward.
Objective: Talk to Adonatus
(Appears if you didn't collect the ingredients necessary for a cure)

Though I was able to save Moon Hunter Keep, I was not able to find the ingredients necessary to cure Adonatus. Though he must remain a werewolf, he still wishes to reward me for my actions. I should speak to him.

Objective: Talk to Adonatus
☑Finishes quest I should speak to Adonatus Varian in Moon Hunter Overlook.
Objective: Talk to Adonatus Varian
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