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ON-icon-achievement-The Alpha Predator.png The Alpha Predator
Type Wolfhunter Achievements
Points 50
Needed for Moon Hunter Keep Challenger
Title Alpha Predator
Defeat Vykosa the Ascendant after reading the Scroll of Glorious Battle in Veteran Moon Hunter Keep.

The Alpha Predator is awarded for completing the final battle in Veteran March of Sacrifices after reading the Scroll of Glorious Battle, which will enrage her and make the battle more difficult.

Invoking the Scroll before battle will cause the following changes during the fight:

  • Increases Vykosa's health by roughly 1.5 million hit points.
  • Increases the amount of damage done by Vykosa, her pets (Ary and Zel), and the summoned adds.
  • Doubles the amount of werewolf adds spawned at 90%/70%/50%, health from 2 (without the scroll) to 4
  • Doubles the amount of werewolf adds spawned at 30%/10% health, from 4 (without the scroll) to 8.
  • Causes stranglers to spawn in at 80% health, which fling poisonous spit at the group and act as a nuisance.
  • Causes shock wardens to spawn in from 60% health and lower, enraging Vykosa. While enraged, Vykosa's damage done increases and damage received decreases. This requires her to be pulled over to the wardens' residual lightning pools (left after they die) to cleanse the enrage status. This mechanic is reminiscent of the fight against Mylenne Moon-Caller.
  • Ary and Zel can become enraged too, increasing the damage they do and decreasing the damage they receive.
  • The shade of Archivist Ernarde will appear when Vykosa is down to 30% health, and he will begin channeling symbols for "puzzle phase" (or "sigil phase") on top of all of the above mechanics and the 8 werewolf adds. Players must watch the shade as he cycles through colored Seals (red, blue and green) and watch for the color he stops on (which will also be glowing on the ground). When he stops cycling through colors and begins channeling his one-shot mechanic, each player must find and stand on their own Seal of Xarxes (two players cannot be on the same colored Seal; if two players stand on the same Seal, one of them will be killed and the other will survive).
    This mechanic is on a timer, and is identical to the mechanic featuring the Seals of Xarxes on the previous fight with Archivist Ernarde. If a player is standing on the wrong colored Seal, standing on no Seal, or standing on the same Seal as another person, that player will die.
  • If you take too long to kill Vykosa after she reaches 30% health and lower, eventually, a Moon Hunter Archer and a Moon Hunter Striker will spawn as adds, just like in the previous fight with Archivist Ernarde. If these added enemies are not killed fast enough, one of them will transform into a Hulking Werewolf.