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This page lists the Achievements for the DLC and Chapters.

ON-icon-achievecat-Clockwork City.png Clockwork City[edit]

Main Article: Clockwork City Achievements

ON-icon-achievecat-Dark Brotherhood.png Dark Brotherhood[edit]

Main Article: Dark Brotherhood Achievements

ON-icon-achievecat-Groups.png Dragon Bones[edit]

Main Article: Dragon Bones Achievements

ON-icon-achievecat-Groups.png Horns of the Reach[edit]

Main Article: Horns of the Reach Achievements

ON-icon-achievecat-Imperial City.png Imperial City[edit]

Main Article: Imperial City Achievements

ON-icon-achievecat-Morrowind.png Morrowind[edit]

Main Article: Morrowind Achievements

ON-icon-achievecat-Orsinium.png Orsinium[edit]

Main Article: Orsinium Achievements

ON-icon-achievecat-Groups.png Shadows of the Hist[edit]

Main Article: Shadows of the Hist Achievements

ON-icon-achievecat-Summerset.png Summerset[edit]

Main Article: Summerset Achievements

ON-icon-achievecat-Thieves Guild.png Thieves Guild[edit]

Main Article: Thieves Guild Achievements

ON-icon-achievecat-Groups.png Wolfhunter[edit]

Main Article: Wolfhunter Achievements


Main Article: Murkmire Achievements