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Moon Hunter Archer
Location March of Sacrifices, Moon Hunter Keep
Race Imperial, Khajiit, Orc Gender Varies
Health Normal78586Veteran225562 (Moon Hunter Keep)
Normal49116Veteran136704, Normal102800Veteran(?) (March of Sacrifices)
Reaction Hostile Class Archer
Other Information
Faction(s) Moon Hunter Pack
Condition Man-Beast
A Khajiit Moon Hunter Archer

Moon Hunter Archers are man-beasts fought throughout Moon Hunter Keep. Orcish archers are fought in the Nightlands of the March of Sacrifices, after Balorgh's ambush.

Related Quests[edit]

  • ON-qico-Group Area.pngThe Great Hunt: Conquer the March of Sacrifices and emerge victorious in the Great Hunt.
  • ON-qico-Group Area.pngMoonlight Ascent: Explore an old Silver Dawn stronghold and deal with the werewolves controlling it.

Skills and Abilities[edit]

Quick Shot
Taking Aim


  • They can be Imperials and Khajiit in Moon Hunter Keep, and Orcs in the March of Sacrifices.


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