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This article is about The effect in combat. For Scribing script, see Off Balance (script).

An Off Balance enemy
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Off Balance is a debilitating effect that temporarily stuns an enemy, which can be caused by various attacks, but most commonly by Blocking a melee Heavy Attack. You can get out of it with a Break Free action. When an enemy is Off Balance, they can be knocked down with a Heavy Attack. Off Balance will last 7 seconds regardless of the source.


Skill Affects Cost Notes
Lava Whip (Ardent Flame) Single Target 2700 Magicka Target must be stunned or immobilized first.
Flame Lash (morph) If target is already Off Balance, does more damage and heals you.
Deep Breath (Draconic Power) Nearby Enemies 4320 Magicka Target must be interrupted while spellcasting.
Shattering Rocks (Earthen Heart) Single Target 3510 Magicka Occurs after 20 sec., 50% chance.
Veiled Strike (Shadow) Single Target 2295 Magicka Must cast while flanking.
Surprise Attack (morph) 2295 Stamina
Concealed Weapon (morph) 2295 Magicka
Focused Charge (Aedric Spear) Single Target 3510 Magicka Includes Explosive charge morph, Target must be interrupted while spellcasting.
Toppling Charge (morph) Stuns and sets Off Balance, interrupts if casting.
Dive (Animal Companions) Single Target 2700 Magicka Target must be at least 7 meters away.
Death Scythe (Bone Tyrant) Enemies in Range 3240 Magicka Only Ruinous Scythe apply off balance.
Ruinous Scythe (morph) 2754 Stamina Applying the Hemorrhaging status effect, and setting them Off Balance.
Venom Arrow (Bow) Single Target 2430 Stamina Target must be interrupted while spellcasting.
Crushing Shock (Destruction Staff) Single Target 2700 Magicka Target must be interrupted while spellcasting.
Wall of Elements (Destruction Staff) Enemies in Range 3510 Magicka Must use Lightning Staff, target must be Concussed first
Savage Feeding (Vampire) Single Target Passive When Feeding on a target, must be from stealth
Pounce (Werewolf) Nearby Targets 4050 Stamina Also stuns targets.
Roar (Werewolf) Nearby Targets 4163 Stamina Also inflicts Fear.
Uppercut (Two Handed) Single Target 2700 Stamina Only the morph (Dizzying Swing) applies the Off Balance.
Dizzying Swing(morph) Hitting an enemy that is already Off Balance stuns them for 2 seconds. Targets that are immune to Off Balance are snared by 40% for 2 seconds.


  • Bosses and other CC immune enemies will not get set off balance if their heavy attacks are blocked or their spells interrupted.
  • Targets will now gain 15 seconds of Off Balance immunity after Off Balance ends.
  • With Update 34, Champion Points in the Exploiter perk under Extended Might in the Warfare tree will increase your damage done against Off Balance enemies by up to 10%.
  • Prior to Update 29, Champion Points provided the following effects:
    • The Tactician perk from 120 points in The Atronach will set enemies Off Balance when you perform a Roll Dodge near them.
    • The Exploiter perk from 75 points in The Ritual will increase your damage done against Off Balanced enemies.