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This version of the Champion system was in place until Update 29 was released

The Atronach[edit]


Under the Mage's influence, the Atronach boosts your Magicka and trains your Skill-at-Arms.

Champion Abilities Effect
ON-champion-Star 01.png Master-at-Arms Increases the damage of your direct damage attacks by [0-25]%.
ON-champion-Star 01.png Physical Weapon Expert Increases the damage of your Light and Heavy Attacks with all bows, daggers, swords, axes, and maces by [0-35]%.
ON-champion-Star 01.png Shattering Blows Increases your damage against targets with a damage shield by [0-25]%.
ON-champion-Star 01.png Staff Expert Increases the damage of your Light and Heavy Attacks with Destruction and Restoration Staves by [0-35]%.
Passive Unlocks Rank Effect
ON-champion-Star 02.png Retaliation 10 Increases the damage of your next Light Attack by 30% after blocking a Heavy Attack.
ON-champion-Star 02.png Riposte 30 While blocking, grants a 15% chance to return [x] damage to the attacker when you block a melee attack. This can only happen once every 5 seconds.
ON-champion-Star 02.png Butcher 75 Light and Heavy attacks deal 5% more damage to enemies below 25% Health.
ON-champion-Star 02.png Tactician 120 Sets enemies off balance when you successfully use Roll Dodge to avoid their attack.