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This version of the Champion system was in place until Update 29 was released

The Ritual[edit]


Under the Mage's influence, the Ritual grants you Magicka and makes your attacks more Precise.

Champion Abilities Effect
ON-champion-Star 01.png Mighty Increases your Physical, Poison, and Disease Damage by [0-15]%.
ON-champion-Star 01.png Piercing Increases Physical Penetration by [0-5280].
ON-champion-Star 01.png Precise Strikes Increases damage and healing dealt by Weapon Criticals by [0-25]%.
ON-champion-Star 01.png Thaumaturge Increases effectiveness of your damage over time effects by [0-25]%.
Passive Unlocks Rank Effect
ON-champion-Star 02.png Opportunist 10 Increases the damage of your next physical attack by 15% after you interrupt a target.
ON-champion-Star 02.png Perfect Strike 30 Increases your Weapon Critical rating by 3%.
ON-champion-Star 02.png Exploiter 75 Increases your damage against off balance enemies by 10%.
ON-champion-Star 02.png Last Stand 120 When you fall below 20% Health gain Major Heroism which grants 18 Ultimate over 8 seconds. Can only occur once every 20 seconds.