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ON-Icon-Transparent Logo.png This page contains deprecated information about Elder Scrolls Online content.
The content described here was removed from the game after Update 12.
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Adventure Zones were a type of Veteran-only content area in which all the gameplay was geared towards groups of four high level players. In this way, they differed from standard Zones which include a sizable amount of content that can be tackled by solo players or small groups. Adventure Zones contained overworld Group Events and instanced Group Delves, as well as their own storyline and a collection of side and repeatable quests.

The only Adventure Zone to see release was Craglorn, which was added in Update 1 and expanded in Update 4. However, the Adventure Zone model was scrapped in Update 12 in order to make Craglorn more accessible. The majority of The Celestial Threat storyline became solo content, while side quests and certain overland areas are now aimed at groups of two or more (but can also be soloed). This overhaul involved the removal of several locks which originally barred progress without a sufficient number of group members present. Some four-player content remains, namely Dragonstar Arena and the reworked Group Events (which are now standard Group Bosses). Most Group Delves were converted into regular non-instanced Delves, although seven remain. The Trials in Craglorn were unaffected by these changes.

Murkmire was originally announced as an Adventure Zone, but was eventually reworked as a DLC story zone. This resulted in the original zone around Gideon being redone and moved to Lilmoth, though the original heightmap was also re-purposed into Gloomire.


  • Michael Zenke previously suggested Pyandonea as an Adventure Zone before the system was scrapped.[1]