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Houses in Morrowind are buildings in which a player may rest and store their belongings. They may also serve as convenient navigational waypoints for traversing Vvardenfell and its maze of transport networks. Placing a mark spell within a house will allow the player to return to it through the use of recall, which can be particularly useful when moving loot, restocking after an adventure, or when connecting to other travel hubs through the use of Almsivi and Divine Intervention.

There are four dedicated player houses in Morrowind and its expansions, as well as four further dwellings that are designated by quests as being for the player's use. All of these homes are earned as quest rewards and cannot be conventionally purchased.

These player houses can be differentiated from other dwellings that a player might choose to live in by several features that make them ideal for habitation. Most importantly, they provide faction-friendly containers for storing belongings and offer support services such as merchants or trainers that can be helpful for questing adventurers. By contrast, squatting in vacant homes, ruins, caves, or taking over city houses that have been acquired by killing their NPC inhabitants can cause issues with container ownership that will flag the player's stored belongings as stolen when retrieved. Nevertheless, some players may opt to outfit one of these impromptu dwellings for perceived advantages in location, size, organisation, or (rarely) access to permanent corpses that offer indefinite and unlimited storage.

Player Houses[edit]

Each of the three playable Great House factions include a questline to build and outfit a player stronghold. The Bloodmoon expansion adds a similar questline for the East Empire Company. In standard playthroughs, players will normally only be able to build two player homes: one Great House stronghold and the Raven Rock Factor's Estate. However, due to a glitch that allows players to join multiple Great Houses, it is possible to safely use several (or even all) of the faction homes on a single save file once they have been constructed.

Rethan Manor[edit]

Rethan Manor

Rethan Manor is a House Hlaalu stronghold located on a small plot of land southwest of Balmora known as Odai Plateau. The stronghold consists of a stone wall encircling four separate structures that house the stronghold's seven inhabitants.

Rethan Manor is the smallest of the three Great House strongholds. The main dwelling is divided into two rooms (upstairs and downstairs) with no interior doors. In addition to the storage listed below, the living area has three bookshelves, two tables, a set of drawers and a bed.

Note: a significant difference between Rethan Manor and the other Great House strongholds involves container ownership. Whereas the other strongholds provide communal containers and belongings in the NPC dwellings that the player is safe to use, Rethan Manor designates all NPC possessions and containers within their dwellings as belonging to their inhabitants. In practical terms, this means picking up or moving anything in the NPC dwellings will cause them to attack you, which in turn severely limits the use of their spaces.

Rethan Manor is well-connected to various travel networks. Almsivi Intervention teleports to Balmora, which has Silt Strider service to Ald'ruhn, Seyda Neen, Suran and Vivec. Balmora's Mages Guild provides Guild Guide service throughout Vvardenfell. To the west, a boat departs from Hla Oad with connections to Ebonheart, Gnaar Mok, Molag Mar and Vivec. Lastly, the ancient Dunmer stronghold of Hlormaren lies northwest of Balmora, providing access to Vvardenfell's network of Propylon Chambers.

Rethan Manor
Bitter Coast MW-icon-effect-Almsivi Intervention.jpg Almsivi Intervention Balmora Faction
House Hlaalu
MW-icon-effect-Divine Intervention.jpg Divine Intervention Moonmoth Legion Fort
Storage and Services
Storage Merchants Trainers
Container Qty
Crates 4
Chests 1
Small Chests 2
Closets 1
Drawers 1
Barrels 4
Urns 2
Sacks 7
Total: 22
Merchant Services Wares Restocking Items Gold
Hlodala Savel Training Books 400
Lliryn Fendyn Training Thief Tools Journeyman Lockpicks and Probes
Apprentice Lockpicks and Probes
Sernsi Drelas Misc 150
Trainer Skill (Level)
Avron Gols Athletics (54)
Long Blade (54)
Block (50)
Hlodala Savel Mercantile (59)
Speechcraft (59)
Short Blade (54)
Lliryn Fendyn Short Blade (63)
Light Armor (58)
Security (53)
Uvren Tures Acrobatics (59)
Hand-to-hand (59)
Sneak (59)
Storage is counted for the player's dwelling only, as containers in other areas are owned by their inhabitants

Indarys Manor[edit]

Indarys Manor

Indarys Manor is a House Redoran stronghold located northwest of Ald'ruhn in an area of the Ashlands known as Bal Isra. The stronghold consists of a stone wall encircling four separate structures that house the stronghold's eleven inhabitants.

Indarys Manor is the most populated Great House stronghold. Consequently, it is of generous size. In terms of usable space and the total number of containers, the compound has as much as 3.5x the storage of the next-largest stronghold. The main dwelling features a reception area and storeroom on the main level, with a common room and two large bedrooms located downstairs. There is ample storage and furniture provided for displaying belongings. In the upstairs area, a dining table, two benches, a chest and a side table can be used for organisation. In the common area downstairs, a large bar and bookshelf face two dining tables, four benches and three side tables. The bedrooms have yet more display options, including five beds, six tables, six chests, a bookshelf, and a set of drawers. In a pinch, most of the fifteen chairs in the manor can be used for display as well.

It is worth noting that all of the support buildings within the stronghold (including Raram's and Berandas' houses) share the same ownership as the manor and therefore can be safely used for storage and display. Two of the three support dwellings are large, multi-level buildings, meaning that the effective size of the stronghold is more than doubled should the player choose to use them.

Indarys Manor is well-connected to several travel hubs. Almsivi Intervention teleports to Ald'ruhn, which has Silt Strider service to Balmora, Gnisis, Khuul and Maar Gan. Guild Guide teleportation from Ald'ruhn is available at the local Mages Guild as well. From the connection to Khuul, one can catch a boat to Fort Frostmoth, which is the only fast travel route to Solstheim. Lastly, Indarys Manor is centrally placed for trips to the ancient Dunmer strongholds of Andasreth, Falasmaryon and Kogoruhn, which may be used for training, looting, or transport via Propylon Chamber.

Indarys Manor
Ashlands MW-icon-effect-Almsivi Intervention.jpg Almsivi Intervention Ald'ruhn Faction
House Redoran
MW-icon-effect-Divine Intervention.jpg Divine Intervention Buckmoth Legion Fort
Storage and Services
Storage Merchants Trainers
Container Qty
Crates 18
Chests 16
Small Chests 2
Drawers 3
Barrels 3
Urns 35
Baskets 16
Sacks 42
Total: 135
Merchant Services Wares Restocking Items Gold
Gilyne Omoren Repairs Armor
Repair tools
Silver and Steel weapons
Journeyman's Armorer's Hammers
Lliros Tures Misc Steel Projectiles
Restore Health/Fatigue/Magicka Potions
Uvele Berendas Spellmaker
Spells Alteration SpellsDestruction SpellsMysticism SpellsRestoration Spells
Restore Health/Magicka Potions
Resist Disease Potions
Trainer Skill (Level)
Arvs Raram Long Blade (58)
Axe (53)
Blunt Weapon (53)
Garila Vedas Athletics (58)
Long Blade (58)
Block (53)
Mavis Nadram Athletics (64)
Block (59)
Long Blade (49)
Storage is counted for all dwellings

Tel Uvirith[edit]

Tel Uvirith

Tel Uvirith is a House Telvanni stronghold located southwest of Sadrith Mora in an area of the Molag Amur ashlands known as Uvirith's Grave. This stronghold differs from the House Redoran and House Hlaalu offerings in that it consists only of a single central tower with no defensive wall to enclose it; instead, Dwemer constructs are provided for fortification.

Tel Uvirith is the least populated Great House stronghold. All four of the stronghold's inhabitants live in small pods attached to the exterior of the tower and each of them offer merchant or spell services. However, there are no trainers located at Tel Uvirith.

The tower itself is divided into three sections: Tower Upper, Tower Lower, and Tower Dungeon. The living quarters are in the upper and lower sections, while the Tower Dungeon is empty, save for an underground cavern of moderate size that contains a permanent corpse. The Lower Tower contains a small vestibule inhabited by a Dwemer Centurion as well as one bedroom with two single beds, a table, a chest, and a bookshelf. The upper tower constitutes the main dwelling and will require levitation to navigate. It has three rooms: an entryway, a dining room, and a bedroom. The entryway is separated from the upper levels of the chamber by a walkway that helps facilitate navigation from room to room. The furniture in the Upper Tower consists of two large tables, a side table, a bed, a desk, and a closet.

Much of the tower's usable space is limited by its organic construction and there are very few containers inside. Players may wish to make use of the permanent corpse in the dungeon for bulk storage (as its inventory is infinite), or the NPC dwellings, as all containers are faction-owned except for the three inventory chests used by the merchants.

Tel Uvirith is somewhat geographically remote. However, it benefits from its proximity to Wolverine Hall, which is accessible via Divine Intervention. At Wolverine Hall, one can find the Fighters and Mages Guilds, as well as the latter's Guild Guide service for fast travel throughout Vvardenfell. The boat from Sadrith Mora services Dagon Fel, Ebonheart, Tel Branora and Tel Mora. Almsivi Intervention connects to Molag Mar, which in turn has Silt Strider service to Suran and Vivec, as well as boat service to Hla Oad, Vivec and Tel Branora. The nearest Propylon Chamber is located at Falensarano to the north.

Tel Uvirith
Molag Amur MW-icon-effect-Almsivi Intervention.jpg Almsivi Intervention Molag Mar Faction
House Telvanni
MW-icon-effect-Divine Intervention.jpg Divine Intervention Wolverine Hall
Storage and Services
Storage Merchants Trainers
Container Qty
Crates 6
Chests 4
Small Chests 2
Closets 1
Desks 4
Drawers 1
Barrels 1
Urns 7
Baskets 2
Sacks 11
Permanent corpse 1
Total: 39
Merchant Services Wares Restocking Items Gold
Farena Arelas Spellmaker Spells Alteration SpellsConjuration SpellsDestruction SpellsIllusion SpellsMysticism Spells
Gorven Menas Ingredients
Hlendrisa Seleth Enchanter Misc Destruction scrolls
Mysticism Scrolls
Alteration Scrolls
Restoration Scrolls
Conjuration Scrolls
Tunila Omavel Ingredients
Spells Alteration SpellsMysticism SpellsRestoration Spells
Restore Health Potions
Restore Attribute Potions
Disease Resistance Potions
Cure Disease/Paralyzation/Poison Potions
No Trainers
Storage is counted for all dwellings except for three chests owned by merchants

Raven Rock Factor's Estate[edit]

The Raven Rock Factor's Estate
Raven Rock from above; possible Factor's Estate locations are indicated at 2, 7 and 12

The Bloodmoon expansion adds another settlement questline, this time offering the opportunity to expand East Empire Company influence into Solstheim by way of the Raven Rock mining settlement. Raven Rock is located on the southwest side of the island and is conveniently placed at the end of a deep harbour; the area is rich with ebony deposits that give the settlement its name.

Raven Rock can grow to a substantial size through the player's efforts. Some sixteen buildings are eventually constructed, including a Factor's Estate in a location of the player's choosing and either a trader or a smithy depending on preference. To the east and north, a large, fortified stone wall separates the outpost from the Hirstaang Forest, while the harbour forms a natural boundary to the south and a small copse of trees encloses the western end.

Raven Rock is a true settlement in the sense that most of its inhabitants are entitled to their own houses and possessions. The player retains ownership over the Factor's Estate and may additionally use the southern, northern and southeastern storehouses as well as the two vacant NPC homes and the mine itself. Containers in each of these areas are either faction-owned or undesignated; notably, the NPC Sados Relothan does not appear in-game and thus owns no containers or belongings--his home can be considered vacant although it may not appear as such.

The Raven Rock Factor's Estate is a unique building that is well-arrayed with furnishings. Organisational options predominantly include ten very large bookcases, a dining table, two benches, a bar, a hearth, as well as a closet, a bed, a chest and a side table located upstairs. There are few containers inside of the dwelling, but there's plenty of floor space for additional display. If storage seems lacking, there are a variety of bulk storage containers in the storehouses, the mine and Sados Relothan's house; however, a vacant house located near two of the three possible Factor's Estate locations rivals the Estate in both size and splendor and is therefore the first building a player might consider expanding into.

Raven Rock is remote by most conventional standards but it is conveniently placed within Solstheim. A boat located in the harbour offers a ferry service between Raven Rock and Fort Frostmoth, and thence from Fort Frostmoth to Khuul. Divine Intervention teleports to Fort Frostmoth, while Almsivi Intervention reverts to Gnisis on the mainland.

Raven Rock
Hirstaang Forest MW-icon-effect-Almsivi Intervention.jpg Almsivi Intervention Gnisis Faction
East Empire Company
MW-icon-effect-Divine Intervention.jpg Divine Intervention Fort Frostmoth
Storage and Services
Storage Merchants Trainers
Container Qty
Crates 20
Chests 6
Closets 1
Drawers 1
Barrels 9
Urns 8
Baskets 3
Sacks 26
Total: 74
Merchant Services Wares Restocking Items Gold
Sathyn Andrano* Misc Silver and Steel weapons
Silver projectiles
Steel armor
Cure Blight potions
Random kitchenware
Alcedonia Amnis Ingredients
Crab meat
Hound meat
Cyrodiilic brandy
Sabrina Vitellia* Repairs Armor
Repair tools
Iron and Steel armor
Silver weapons
Silver projectiles
No Trainers
Storage is counted for all dwellings with faction-owned or undesignated containers.
* Only one of either Sathyn Andrano or Sabrina Vitellia appears depending on player choice.

Houses Given as Quest Rewards[edit]

The homes in this section are specifically granted to the player as quest rewards. They should be distinguished from a comparatively large number of homes in Morrowind that are left vacant by quest events (e.g. by killing NPCs).

Caius Cosades House[edit]

Caius Cosades' House

Upon completion of Caius Cosades' quests, he will depart for Cyrodiil and name the player his immediate replacement as 'Operative' and head of the Blades in Vvardenfell. In his absence, he lends the player his house.

Caius does indeed disappear from the game after this point, but he still retains ownership over all his possessions and the containers within his home, which somewhat limits the home's usefulness as a base of operations. The player may still sleep here for free, however, and the home's placement within Balmora is useful for travelling to several other areas encountered during the early stages of the game.

Ahnassi's House[edit]

Ahnassi's House

In Pelagiad, players may happen upon a female Khajiit in the Halfway Tavern who is looking for a special friend. While the quest is available to male characters only, successfully completing the tasks Ahnassi sets for you eventually leads to her offering her companionship and joint ownership of her home, to which she gives you a key.

It is not possible to acquire the key to Ahnassi's house through any other means. However, players may simply pick the lock and move into the dwelling if they choose to, as none of the containers or belongings inside are owned by Ahnassi either before or after her quest. This is the only way to acquire the home for female characters, and is ostensibly a more convenient method for low-level players who may not yet have the skills to accomplish Ahnassi's tasks.

The house is one of the more regal offerings in the game and is of moderate size. Decorative features include a stone fireplace, wood paneling, coffered ceilings and tapestries throughout. Storage is respectable and includes 4 chests (2 large, 2 small), 2 barrels, 7 baskets, 8 sacks, a chest of drawers and a wardrobe. Furnishings are predominantly a dining table, 2 side tables, a bookshelf and a very large bed.

There is no fast travel to or from Pelagiad, but it may be reached by Divine Intervention via Fort Pelagiad. Travel elsewhere can be accomplished via Almsivi Intervetion, which redirects to Vivec when used inside the house, or to Balmora if used in some other parts of town.

The Blodskaal's House[edit]

The Blodskaal's House

During the course of the Bloodmoon main quest, you will be awarded Rigmor Halfhand's former hut. In the process, the hut is renamed "The Blodskaal's House" and is completely refurnished. Sadly, while Rigmor's hut contained a number of containers and belongings, the Blodskaal's House is virtually empty aside from basic furniture; it has no containers whatsoever.

Nevertheless, the Blodskaal's House can prove to be a useful northerly waypoint for navigating Solstheim. In particular, its close proximity to Castle Karstaag and its placement within the Skaal Village make it a convenient base for completing the remainder of the Bloodmoon main quest.

You are not required to side with the Skaal in order to receive this house. If you chose to side with Hircine, you can return to Korst Wind-Eye at the end of the main quest and he will still name you Blodskaal once you've cured your lycanthropy.

Thirsk Mead Hall[edit]

The Thirsk Mead Hall

The Thirsk Mead Hall has a storied history. Shortly after its construction roughly 100 years ago by a group of Skaal separatists, it was gripped by the depredations of the fearsome Udyrfrykte. The creature laid waste to half of the Hall's warriors before it could be warded off and sealed back in its icy cavern. Worse, the bloodshed and destruction left in the Udyrfrykte's wake caused uncertainty over the Mead Hall's leadership and future. Hrothmund the Red, the first of Thirsk's warrior-chieftains, defended his right to rule the Hall by decapitating the betrayer Drengr Bronze-Helm. Hrothmund placed Drengr's head on a pedestal within the Hall as a symbol of his proven leadership and thus initiated Thirsk's peculiar tradition of royal succession: whoever places the most grand and gruesome trophy upon the pedestal in the Hall wins the right to rule. Fortunately for the player, strange happenings at Lake Fjalding may have awakened old evils, and thus provided an opportunity to claim Thirsk's throne.

Physically, Thirsk is a large and architecturally unique structure built in traditional Nordic style. Completing the second of the Mead Hall's three associated quests will result in leadership over the Hall and some other perks. Recent renovations have prepared new accommodations for the player, which can be found upstairs. The Hall itself is very large with plenty of floor space, but the player's bedroom is small with only a single cupboard and chest of drawers for storage. A third and final quest places three crates in the bedroom which are stocked with mead from Skyrim. Oddly, Thirsk's last chieftain, Skjoldr Wolf-Runner, still owns the three barrels and chest underneath the stairs in the main hall, as well as several other belongings throughout the dwelling.

Thirsk is placed on a scenic hill overlooking Lake Fjalding just south of the Skaal Village. Aside from this, its location should be considered remote. There are no fast travel services operating within Solstheim and Thirsk is placed deep within the wilderness. The only services available nearby are located at the Skaal Village to the north, while Thirsk's own smith, Brynjolfr, will buy weapons and armor or repair them, as well as craft custom armor for the player from snow bear and snow wolf pelts they've collected.

Other Dwellings[edit]

Listed below are some other places a player may choose to call home. Currently, this is a partial list.

City Houses[edit]

Other Houses[edit]