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Tel Naga, a typical Wizard Tower
Holamayan Monastery
Map of Azura's Coast
Azura's Coast Weather Table
Clear 25% Thunder 5%
Cloudy 45% Foggy 10%
Ash 0% Blight 0%
Overcast 10% Rain 5%
Snow 0% Blizzard 0%

The Azura's Coast region consists mainly of the numerous islands to the south and east of Vvardenfell. It includes all of the southern islands east of the Daedric ruin of Ald Sotha, extends north to include the islands up the eastern coast and Zafirbel Bay, and three small peninsulas on the southeastern corner of Vvardenfell where a Shrine of Azura can be found.

The area is fairly desolate, and most of the territory is claimed by House Telvanni. It includes the towns and towers of Tel Mora, Tel Aruhn, Sadrith Mora, Tel Fyr, and Tel Branora. It is also home to numerous wizards, sorcerers, necromancers, and Ashlander Mabrigashes. Many of these are based in old Velothi remnants or caves, rather than wizard towers. By no means are all magic-workers in the area Telvanni, but the dominance of the Telvanni does mean that there is little objection to their activities.

As the area is dominated by the Telvanni, it is one of the least subject to the power of either the Empire or the Tribunal, though both have enclaves in the House capital, Sadrith Mora. Since Telvanni lords are usually over a thousand years old and very powerful, they tend to see the "gods" of the Tribunal as peers rather than supreme beings.

Although the area receives regular rain, the rocky terrain limits the region's agriculture. However, there are Ashlander camps scattered throughout the region. The area is full of ancestral tombs, and there are several significant Daedric Shrines on the islands. Many bandits prey on unwary travelers.


A list of places found in the Azura's Coast, Vvardenfell, Morrowind.

Cities and Settlements[edit]

Major Cities[edit]

  • Sadrith Mora — A large city at the eastern periphery of Zafirbel Bay, and Telvanni council seat. (map)

Smaller Towns[edit]

Imperial Forts[edit]

Ancestral Tombs[edit]



Daedric Ruins[edit]

Dunmer Strongholds[edit]

Dwemer Ruins[edit]


Taverns & Inns[edit]



Velothi Towers[edit]

Other Landmarks[edit]

Related Quests[edit]

A list of quests that take are related to the Azura's Coast, Vvardenfell, Morrowind.

Main Quest[edit]

Tribunal Temple[edit]

Morag Tong[edit]

Imperial Cult[edit]

Imperial Legion[edit]

Miscellaneous Quests[edit]


Name Gender Race Class Level Health Magicka Alarm Fight Location Notes
Assatlit Assudnilamat Male Dark Elf Scout 11 121 102 0 90 [16,-2] Trainer
Botrir Male Nord Barbarian 10 112 76 0 30 [13,9]
Brasteir Female Nord Barbarian 17 161 86 0 30 [16,-9]
Ibasour Sershurrapal Male Dark Elf Barbarian 13 132 100 0 90 [16,-2]
Kanud Odimabesser Male Dark Elf Archer 7 84 90 0 90 [14,12]
Mamusa Shashmassamsi Female Dark Elf Mabrigash 9 104 94 0 90 [16,-6]
Missamsi Timmiriran Female Dark Elf Mabrigash 8 98 92 0 90 [16,-6]
Munbebi Addarari Female Dark Elf Mabrigash 8 98 92 0 90 [16,-6]
Odairan Addaribantes Male Dark Elf Scout 9 105 98 0 90 [15,-9] Trainer
Raishi Erarbadon Female Dark Elf Wise Woman 5 50 88 0 90 [17,0]
Sal Pudashara Male Dark Elf Scout 5 75 88 0 90 [17,0] Trainer
Salmat Elarrapal Male Dark Elf Barbarian 6 81 88 0 90 [16,5]
Sannit Kil Male Dark Elf Archer 11 110 96 0 90 [16,-2]
Talkin Ashar-Dad Male Dark Elf Barbarian 6 81 88 0 90 [17,0]
Truan Tibashipal Male Dark Elf Barbarian 11 118 96 0 90 [15,-9]
Vevrana Aryon Female Dark Elf Monk 19 222 30 0 30 [19,-5]
Zenabi Samma Male Dark Elf Scout 5 75 88 0 90 [16,5] Trainer
Zennammu Urshumusa Male Dark Elf Barbarian 9 103 92 0 90 [14,12]